The new guy in town

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The new guy in town

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Draco could see the outlines of Suzail on the horizon, at least he thought it must be Suzail, he'd never seen anything so big in all his life. Looking down at his worn boots, nearly falling apart from the long miles he muttered to himself, "Note to self, need to shop when I arrive."

Putting one blistered, nearly bleeding foot in front of the other, he trudged onward towards his destination and arrived within a few hours to be rudely pushed aside by a guard near the entrance, who said, "I haven't got time for you, out of my way!" as he strode past. Eyes wide at his first sights and sounds of a big city, the little halfling from a tiny village gaped at the size not only of the city, but the people and buildings, which to his eyes were humongous after the hamlet that hardly ever merited notice by any map-maker.

After finding a new pair of boots, he asked around for directions, jostled by the crowds in the market, and soon found himself at a tavern known as "The Port of Call". Eyeing his piglet familiar Pania, he took a deep breath and pushed open the door and entered.

Scanning the room, he could see a bard on the stage, and several patrons of various description, but no proprietor. It might have been easier, had his perspective been higher than his three feet, so he edged cautiously further into the room, craning his neck and continuing to scan around him for signs of someone to ask about a room.

He noticed a pretty, red-headed woman in front of him, and after a moments hesitation, asked her about the proprietor, to which she replied something about his name being "vice". Wondering how he would know when he had found the tavernkeep with nothing but a name, but not wanting to be rude, he simply thanked her and moved toward one end of the tavern to look some more on his own.

As he neared the far end of the tavern, he noticed a bar and a man standing behind it, so he eyed the barstool, which seemed impossibly high to climb without tipping it over onto himself, and addressed the barkeep. He soon found lodging for himself and his piglet, and could hear comments around him about his beloved Pania being tasty looking or somesuch. Ignoring this, he walked a few feet toward some other patrons and looked around for someone to ask about his ultimate goal; the study of magic and the meaning and application of his own sorcerous nature.

As he was pondering this, a dwarf motioned him to a chair, which he managed with some difficulty to seat himself in. After some introduction and small talk he discovered that there was a magery in the north end of Suzail and also that his table mates were employed by the government and he also might find a wage there. He was soon amazed at the amount of money to be had in their line of work, and decided it best to put his plans of studying magic on hold at least until his purse could be filled somewhat, but before he really had a chance to discuss the matter further, a group of darkclad people burst in to the tavern and began attacking what looked like the woman he had asked about the tavernkeep earlier.

Without thinking he felt the energies inside him welling to the surface and tiny balls of light burst forth to strike first one then another of these invaders dead, worrying for a moment how his beloved Pania might weather this sudden storm he turned to see more figures and barely managed to dodge a blade, which arced past, inches from his face. Calling again to the power dormant inside him he shot forth more balls of light and managed to wound, but not kill another, then seeing his target fall lifeless to the floor from some unknown blow he aimed for the next, then the next until all had fallen, either to his spells or the wepaons of his new companions. "It's no longer safe for you here", he heard the voice of the innkeeper say, as he looked around.

Finding his Pania unharmed, and seeing the others around him none too badly hurt he breathed a momentary sigh of relief, before asking aloud, "who were those men?" There was discussion, somewhat heated, about the serving of warrants, and someone named JD Kimball before the proprietor spoke up again,"It's no longer safe for you here", he said again, "you should leave". "I?" he asked aloud before realizing he meant the group with which he had just begun association before the melee ensued. Taking this as a command he headed for the door, with the somewhat terrified Pania in tow, and arriving outside the door found himself standing next to a shady looking human.

He shuffled from foot to foot, trying to decide if he should ask this stranger anything when before he could decide, the bard and the woman whom he'd been seated at the table with along with the dwarf came walking out of the bar. After some brief discussion they seemed headed off on the business which he had decided he wanted to join them, so he fell into step with the person in front of this group and they headed off in the direction of a compound with what appeared to be a ship moored at the top completely out of the water and half a hundred feet off the ground.

The guard claimed not to know who JD Kimball was and there was much cajolling and polite verbal manuevering on the part of his newfound comrades, but after it seemed clear to him this was going nowhere Draco growled menacingly at the guard,"We're here to serve a warrant, in the name of the crown open up!", and surprisingly the gate opened. Wether the guard had been intimidated by Draco, or swayed by the honeyed words of his comrades, soon fell by the wayside because no sooner had the gate swung open and they walked through than they were set upon yet again by dark-clad figures, and Draco felt a surge of fear and adrenaline as shouts, grunts, muttered incantations, and the clang of metal on metal filled the courtyard.

Already tired from the earlier battle, Draco was quickly exhausting his magical energies and more than that he was extremely worried his beloved familiar, Pania, would come to harm, as he had had no time to find safe lodging for her before marching up to the gates, Nevertheless he cast spell after spell and soon resorted to swinging his trusty sling, sending stone after stone whizzing into the most exposed spot he could hit on his targets. No sooner had they fought their way through the first crowd and entered the main building than they were set upon a third time and then a fourth as they fought their way up the levels of the tower. Reaching the top floor, it was oddly peaceful and they took a minute to be sure the dogs and men going about their business as usual were indeed peaceful before the leader of the group approached a man who fit the description they had of one JD Kimball.

After asking their business in rather insulting fashion, and being told of their business with him, Mr. Kimball scoffed in disbelief and was handed the warrant and told to surrender. Surprisingly he complied readily and headed immediately off to turn himself in. Draco had his doubts about allowing him such leeway being a wanted man, but those were the orders they had been given, apparently.

Having settled affairs with the apparent leader of the dark clad figures, it was soon decided to be safe enough to return to the Port of Call, and they trudged off in that direction exhausted from battle, and ready to call it a day.
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