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Kierra entered the Port Authority Tavern with trepidation. There were no beds to be had in any of the other inns along the way, and she was directed to the West Slums by the not so pleasant Guards of Suzail should she need a place to rest her weary head. Not even her charms and teachings of Sune couldn't make the guard crack a smile nor say a kind word, and she sadly reflected that there are circumstances which may make some to look at the darker side of life. Nevertheless, Kierra entered the Tavern with her head held high and a smile on her face and glanced at the patrons. Most were peasants drinking ale and looking morose as they finished their tankards. Some were sitting in shadows and menacingly peering at others with sly or murderous looks. She thought to herself that the place could use some color, music and dance. And a good cleaning as well.

As Kierra glanced around her for a clean place to sit and rest her travel weary feet, she heard a haunting and beautiful melody from the stage. A young girl stood with a lute, singing a war tune. Not quite the type of music Kierra cared for as it was a war tune, so she asked the musician to play something with more revelry and gaiety, something to dance to, hoping that the crowd would perk up. The pretty musician obliged, and Kierra danced a tiny bit, hoping the patrons would join. Alas, this tavern was filled with the saddest lot of people she had ever seen.

She found an empty seat near the stage and wiped the chair before sitting, meticulously arranging her skirt as she sat, and listened to the music emanating from the stage. At a table nearby sat a dwarf and a man with a long, matted beard who was mumbling about animals and trees. The dwarf seemed to be enjoying his ale. Another man man came up to them and she heard him introduce himself as Jack. He looked to be a lonely sea traveling type, and she thought of all the servants of Sune who catered to them. She was not one of those followers. She knew that love of the flesh was only a very temporary diversion for those poor souls, only a fleeting glimpse of what love could be, but to most sailors and pirates it would be the only glimpse of love they would ever have. Which is why Sune allowed such things. Of course, the man named Jack approached her. In her politest voice, she explained that she could heal wounds of the soul, not the flesh and that he would have to look elsewhere for his other needs.

No, she had insisted to her Temple sisters and brothers that she wanted to travel far from the Temple and help any refugees that had lost their lands and loved ones to once again find peace and beauty since the blight had torn the land asunder. She didn't realize how hard the blight had hit, destroying Trinity along with so many hopes and dreams. She tried to counsel those refugees she found along the way, only to be rebuffed and told there was nothing left to hope for. The poor souls she was able to offer solace to seemed to appreciate her advice, but she could tell they would once fall back into despair the minute she left. It was a hard lesson to learn, but she still clung to the belief that love and beauty could be salvaged and hope restored, despite what horrors that may have come to pass.

The music was interrupted by a Cormyrean Guard who strode into the Tavern announcing the need for any able bodied citizen who could wield a weapon to report to the docks to stop Amn from invading the City. The musician looked alarmed, and announced she was willing as she scanned the crowd for any others who would stand with her. Kierra wasn't one to battle, and indeed, never carried a weapon, but she knew that any battle came with its share of bloodshed and would need those skilled in healing. She was just going to tell the bard she would go, when the odd mumbling man began speaking to her. He then handed her a leaf and said "you will need this". After contemplating a moment and looking at the strange man, she made a guess she hoped she was right about and said "thank you, dear Druid." He did not correct her assumption. She tried to ask his name, but he said he had forgotten. As the maybe-druid kept mumbling about treants and dryads, she realized he most likely wasn't in his right mind, but she wasn't one to judge what is right or wrong and he seemed harmless enough. After listening to his rambling, she also realized that the maybe-druid was under the impression that she was a Treant and the bard a Dryad. Getting him to come along was simply a matter of letting him believe he was protecting a treant and a dryad. The dwarf, in typical dwarven style, just wanted to have a battle. The lonely sailor looked as if he wanted something to do.

So, they set out. Kierra, the bard named Kayletta, Gru the dwarf, the nameless druid and Jack the lonely sailor. After gathering healing supplies at the Temple of Waukeen, they went to speak with the captain of the guard, a man named Shayran. The docks were under attack by Amn forces and they were ordered to help to protect the city. Kierra didn't care as much for the city as for what she could do to help those on the battlefield. Kayleetta seemed charged to protect the city and led the way, singing a tune that seemed to inspire the group. Kierra wondered what she got herself into. She was weaponless and wearing her favorite frock, not quite what a battle cleric would enter battle with. Nevertheless, she followed the group, praying silently along the way for Sune's favor and protection. As they entered the docks, the Amn forces seemed to swarm from everywhere. Gru took out many with his axe, Kayleetta with her bow, and even Jack took out his dagger and dispatched a few. The maybe-druid's companion, a badger, seemed to be a ferocious warbeast as he attacked the opposing forces. Kierra healed when she could and said a few blessings she knew, but realized that if she were to help anyone in this city, and keep herself unscathed, she would soon need a weapon of her own and most likely some armor. Much to Keirra's horror, the druid began to skin one of the Amn enemies he had cut down. Kierra sickened at the sight as the druid proceeded to patch his armor with the skin. She turned away quickly to avoid the sight. She had heard druids were eccentric, but never seen it firsthand until now. She shuddered in disgust.

As the group approached the last group of Amn invaders, who all looked to be the leaders of the men they had just defeated, Kayleetta stated that she wished to negotiate with them. The leader of the forces cut her down with a few strokes of his sword. Kierra's face blanched as she saw the bard's life taken in an instant and screamed "No!" and began praying to Sune, pleading to her goddess to keep the girl alive, and to give her strength to heal her wounds. Kierra didn't even notice if the man who had cut Kayletta down was still alive or not as she rushed to kneel beside Kayleetta, mumbling her prayers to Sune and trying to stop the bleeding. It was too late, and Kierra sadly told the group her powers were not yet strong enough to save the young bard, but that maybe the temple in Suzail would have a more skilled healer. Angry with herself for not being able to prevent the young singer's death, but hopeful that someone better skilled could help, she asked one of the men to take the body as she tried her best to cleanse the wounds and make the corpse presentable. On the way to the temple, as
Keirra was still chanting her prayers to Sune, she saw the body stir. Miracle upon miracles, she breathed once again! Kierra softly thanked Sune for her intervention, believing the Goddess would not want to have the beautiful music from this bard silenced forever and Kierra knelt in prayer to give another thanks for Sune's blessing of life. Kayleetta seemed a bit dazed, but otherwise in good health, not even remembering what had happened. They agreed to meet back at the inn.

Kierra wondered again what she had gotten herself into. A crazed druid, an obnoxious sailor, a mysterious bard and a drink-loving dwarf. Maybe Sune had other plans for her rather than her just helping refugees. After stopping by the blacksmith for some armor and a weapon, Kierra reflected on this as she walked back to the inn for some much needed rest.

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