Arcane Society Frequently asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

The Society is dedicated to promoting arcane studies and combat in defense of Trinity. If you play a mage, love mages, and want to share in the company of other mages, this if the place for you.
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Arcane Society Frequently asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

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How do I join the arcane society?

First, you need a wizard or sorcerer build that can cast level 9 spells.

You just talk to Mist (MadMage999) or Ahriman Cold (Brumm) and tell them you want to sign up. They will ask you a few questions and most likely sign you up.

Are there rules to the guild?


1. Respect the guild privacy, if something is told to you as "not something we like to tell everyone" or "not to be shared with outsiders" then keep it in the guild, speak of it only to other members, and not where someone outside might hear you. Violate this and you risk expulsion.

2. Learn from those who know more, and teach those who know less than you about Arcane classes, PrCs, spells, gear and equipment, etc, etc.

3. Keep track of your guild key(s) do NOT lose them, give them away, let them fall into outsider hands. Also a good way to be expelled, and stripped of any guild associated equipment, status, etc.

4. Don't join for the fringe benefits. If you're not into Arcane classes and wanting to promote them and see them played more, wanting to teach people who might not know about arcanes, etc. Don't join. Period.

How will we communicate? Will there be a board with postings for activities, etc.?

Yes, besides the player guild forums here, there is a PM group which will receive news and info which are not meant for sharing with the public. You can post general questions in the forums, but if you think it might be something private to the guild you're advised to PM Brumm or MadeMage999 wether it's ok to post, or just post it to the PM group.

What does the Society do?

Well besides learning from those who know more than you do and teaching those who know less about arcanes (wizards and sorcerers and their PrCs) we talk to other people about builds and tell them how much we enjoy our wizard or sorcerer, and answer any questions they might have about what it's like to play one or what they're capable of etc.

Can multiclass characters join?

Yes, as long as most of your levels can cast wizard or sorcerer spells this is fine, we accept all kinds of combinations, for example Mist is a sorcerer 38/paladin 2.

If you can think of more questions which ought to be answered by this FAQ, please post them below, but remember to respect guild privacy, not everything is for the public eye.
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