Reducing EX Scaling on Lower CR Mobs

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Re: Reducing EX Scaling on Lower CR Mobs

Post#11 » Thu Aug 22, 2019 8:34 am

I think there are several issues going on here in parallel that need to be addressed independently:

1) Low level, low CR creatures get disproportionately more powerful than higher CR creatures with the current static scaling. This is obvious by the current reports of EX creatures in ROT1 being unplayable due to scaling beyond the capabilities of even an ILR off appropriately leveled toon.

This is exactly the issue that the scalar I proposed is meant to resolve. Assuming n = 1, a CR20 mob for example would gain only half the bonuses per EX of a CR40 mob, making EX increments much more fine-grained so players are able to more appropriately tune difficulty at low levels, while retaining the current EX scaling for higher CR mobs where it is appropriate.

This is completely separate from what Naam's plugin is meant to accomplish - a reasonable, on the fly, dynamic adjustment and determination of a mobs base and modified CR after taking into account EX scaling. My point (and Fraggle's too if I understand it right) is that the CR "jump" per EX is far too high at low levels, causing low level parties to go from cruising through content at EX1 to getting immediately curb-stomped and obliterated at EX2. Lowering the difficulty spike at lower levels allows this party to adjust the challenge in a more meaningful manner - this is again, a completely different affair from XP, GP and loot rewards.

For Brumm, this is what he refers to as "EX scaling of our choice"

2) The fairness of EX awards, and a reasonable EX-modified CR calculation to determine appropriate loot levels. This is something Brumm has mentioned several times, and is something that would be good for the long term health of the server when pushing new content out. However, no numbers regarding this have been shown or proposed. In fact, the effect of how CR relative to player level would affect awards, and how it will be pegged with regards to the current system have not even been looked at. Without numbers, I am not in a good position to provide feedback on this issue, and have avoided directly discussing it.

3) This being a wasted change. I agree that the current situation is not good, as it makes things far harder at low levels than it needs to be (see point 1).

However, I can see a benefit long-term of Naam's plugin being implemented, and this change is the first step in doing so. By making the systems more uniform and well-defined, the way forward for the development and pushing of new content would be much easier and fairer. It would also solve issues of some zones being far too hard for their reward level (hello Eon and Dark Lair!), and others being the opposite.

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Re: Reducing EX Scaling on Lower CR Mobs

Post#12 » Thu Aug 22, 2019 6:07 pm

I vote to just back out any changes until such a time everything can be rolled out at the same time.
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