Introduction and Rules

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Introduction and Rules

Post#1 » Tue May 14, 2013 9:54 am


    Sanctuary is a pocket plane created by a powerful wizard many eons ago. The plane was stumbled upon by Vanderon Theladriel, a plane traveler of some renown.

    A guild was founded to explore its halls, and as time passes, more is discovered. Many of its members have access to sections which are kept secret from outsiders to the guild.

    Sanctuary is located in the Deep Ethereal Plane, and as a result, can sometimes change. The halls can stretch or shrink, and new doors appear from time to time. It is uncertain what kind of magic is at work, and it is almost as though the plane has a mind of its own; only revealing more pieces of itself bit by bit.

    The Creator of the pocket plane is most likely long gone, and his legacy is yet to be fully discovered. Almost nothing is known about the Creator of Sanctuary. Some say he was most likely a very powerful mage or even, perhaps, a demigod.

    Further Reading on the Ethereal Plane:

    Basic Rules
    No cloaks, name changing or anything of the sort are required. Your name will be added to the memberlist, and that will be enough to identify you as a Sanctuary Member.

    Only I and the recruiter have the right to give non-guild members access to the guild quarters. Anyone else who gives a non-member access to the guild quarters will have their membership revoked, this rule applies to Honorary Members as well.

    Guild gear may not be traded with non-members.

    There is a offsite private guild forum. Basic forum use rules apply, along with the following:
    • You are not to give access to this forum to others.
    • Some information on the forum isn't to be shared with non-members, including Honorary Members. Threads with this covert information will be expressed as such.

    If I ever feel the need to add other things to the rules, I will do so. I do not wish people to feel constrained in any way.

    Disclaimer: Refusal of membership is at the discretion of the guild leader. Also, once accepted, your membership can be revoked at the total discretion of the guild leader.

    Membership Revocation
    Here's what membership revocation consists of:
    • Your name is taken off our Members list.
    • You loose access to our private offsite forum.
    • All keys except the Guest key will cease to function.
    • If you've had the time to acquire the Tablet of Oath, it will be automatically be destroyed on all of your characters.
    • Many (not all, but close) of the Sanctuary guild items such as the Brooch of Elemental Chaos, Trickster's Lucky Charm, Rune of Clarity, Survival Kit, and much more will be automatically stripped from all of your account characters. No compensation will be given.

    Role Play
    This isn’t a RP-only guild, but I do encourage it (no obligation). It’s part of DnD and thus is also part of NWN2. Get the most out of the game, have fun; I provide a setting and some lore for a reason.

    If someone is RP’ing they’re usually expected to flag it (i.e. be on RP mode). If you think that someone is RP’ing but they’re not flagging, just play along - it’s just courtesy to not ruins other’s fun.

    About Helping Non-Guild Members
    Gear should be given away if it’s reasonable to do so. The goal isn't to “dress up” a new player so that he can solo 2.9 pre-ER. You can on the other hand give gear that could help players enough that they will feel very welcomed on the server and will also feel like they can keep pushing through the content. This is really just subjective of course, so use your good judgement.

    If a player seems to have a hard time and you think that it’s because of their build, you can offer yourself to help them figure out what's the problem. Offer them to ask on the forums(CBRI or open discussions). But try to not make yourself look a bit nosy.

    This is a new player friendly guild. I’d like to get to know you before bringing you into my guild, but there are no requirements(XP or otherwise) aside from respecting others and the server rules. All alignments/race/class are accepted.

    Admission is by account, meaning all of your characters are accepted into the guild. Also, if you're already in another guild you cannot apply for this one and/or vice versa. If you join Sanctuary then decide to join another guild then your membership will be revoked (see above for details). There is but one exception to this, and that exception is the Arcane Society. Due to its mechanisms, I have decided to permit dual memberships with Sanctuary and the Arcane Society. For those that are in another guild which isn't the Arcane Society, Honorary membership is still a possibility; although it is not given easily. Other guilds maybe be approved in the future, for now only the Arcane Society is accepted.

    There is a limit to the number of members that can be on probation at a time. If we are at that limit you will need to wait for a spot to clear up in the probation member ranks.

    You may contact me, AGhost_Seven, either in-game or through the forum to apply. There is also Onomatopoeia which is the guild's current recruiter that you can contact to request a membership.

    Due to early quitters, I've decided to instate a probation period of three months on the server with a minimum of 1 month. That means, when you're admitted into the guild, until you pass the probation inactivity for longer than 2 weeks will revoke your membership entirely.

    While on probation, you will still have access to most membership facilities, with a few exceptions: you won't be able to wear our colors (using the mystifying Tablet of Oath), and you won't have access to the chamber containing them.

    Note that even if you've passed the time period for the probation, you are still held as being on probation until you go through the final "ceremony" and are handed the Tablet of Oath. Your membership can still be revoked by failing the 2 week minimum even if you pass the time period, up until you are given the Tablet of Oath by the guild leader or the recruiter.

    Honorary Membership
    Honorary members get the same access levels as Members on probation, with the exception of not having access to the private offsite forums.

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    Guild Rules Update

    Post#2 » Sun Oct 05, 2014 10:34 pm

    Notable changes to rules made:
    • You may have a dual membership with the Arcane Society and Sanctuary. This is the only exception to the rule.
    • Onomatopoeia, our recruiter, can be contacted to gain membership. He will be permitted to grant access to the keys to the new members, etc.

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    Re: Introduction and Rules

    Post#3 » Wed Jun 10, 2015 2:18 pm

    Changed rules to allow recruiters to hand out tablets and promote probation members to full memberships.

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    Re: Introduction and Rules

    Post#4 » Mon May 01, 2017 10:35 am

    Guild Sanctuary has been without leadership or officer presence for far to long.

    Itaasi has expressed desire to inherit the Guild, since he is a very long standing member.

    If A Ghost or any of the prior officers are against this action AND are willing to take over leadership with renewed activity I will halt the process of leadership exchange.

    Barring any ranked members speaking up, Itaasi will gain control of Sanctuary this Friday.

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