Official Sanctuary Low-Level PvP Rules

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Official Sanctuary Low-Level PvP Rules

Post#1 » Wed Apr 15, 2015 3:46 pm

These rules are meant to enable new players to participate in pvp events against older players. The rules are meant to give new players a reasonable chance against players with lots of gear to give to their level 30 builds. Before you suggest a change to the rules please keep in mind that the primary goal isn't class balance, but rather new player vs. older player balance.

Rules are:
  • Level 30 is the maximum level. No Epic Relevels permitted.
  • No Set Items are permitted.
  • No Sequencers.
  • No Scrolls.
  • No Potions.
  • No Wands.
  • No Rods.
  • No Spell Per Day Items, including but not limited to: Survival Kit, Shield of the Stonelord, Growth Muffins.

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