Endgame-viable build these days?

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Endgame-viable build these days?

Post#1 » Fri Dec 28, 2018 8:47 pm

Heya everyone

I've been thinking about returning to RoT - played some 1 (or was it 1 1/2?) years ago and it was a lot of fun, but I never reached 'endgame' - pretty much got stuck at the end of the campaign on a rogue that had very mediocre gear. I then proceeded to play some warlock, dipped into SS, then started a sorcerer but got a bit put off by all the changes happening back then - far too many for me to follow / understand at the time.

Anyway, long story short - I'm in need of a decent build that can eventually solo the endgame. I have some asorted pieces of set items and other varied gear, but no real endgame / hard-to-get stuff like crookweave necklaces or anything like that. The pieces of set items I have are mostly rogue and arcane, with some single pieces of other classes mixed in.

I love the playstile of warlock, but was (back then) a bit worried about the endgame potential - warlock seemed to pale before other arcane casters (of for that matter: divine casters...). Is that better now? Was that just my impression? I've only ever reached ER1 on my sorcerer but ER4 on the warlock and the sorcerer already seemed... better in every aspect but having to rest for spells. Then again, I got a couple pieces of the arcane set - but that shouldn't make THAT much of difference in damage output. The AC was in the same range, around 93ish.

On that topic... the set for warlocks (of which I own 0 pieces) seems a bit.. underwhelming... or do I not get something? That damage bonus on there I assume does NOT apply to blast / invocations, right, only to melee (as in the other sets)? Are you expected to go melee these days with a warlock? Is the unlimited use per day power any good and makes up for the mediocre stats (compared to other sets)?

Another problem back then was the extreme amount of immunities going around - as a sorcerer you just switched to another element or instant-kill spells. As a warlock, well I often was pretty screwed and had to operate on suboptimal invocations / blasts or even let my (summoned) melee friend take care of things (which would be fine, if the summon from the walk the dead invocation worked, but it didn't scale - so you had 2 charges* of gate and then were out of luck...). Is that better now? Worse? About the same? Talking EX-mode here - not sure how it is on normal mode (my usual mode of operation was farming content on EX and progressing the story on normal).

What numbers (HP, AC, SR, Saves, etc...) do you need these days to be soloing the endgame content, apart from the usual defenses (like immunities, steadfast, the resistance shards, etc..)? Can you even make that work on a warlock, or am I better off playing some sort of melee instead?

I'm not opposed to that idea, just don't have all that much gear and whenever I try to plan a build it always seems to come down to PTWF... and that damned necklace. Can you make doubleweapons work without that? I imagine the cost of 3-4 additional feats is putting the character into the non-viable bucket, considering that is an additional 3-4 feats you could spend on defense (i.e. Epic Dodge, Self-Conceal, Armor Skin III or even just getting Uncanny or something), which seems (according to what I read, not personal experience) to be the weakish side of double-weapons.

Well, anyone got some thoughts for me? Advice on which direction to take?

Thanks in advance

* and considering that I felt "not operating on charges / spells per day" was the only benefit of even playing a warlock compared to a sorcerer the epic gate feat felt like such a waste, especially compared to adding another blast die to bolster the mediocre damage, same with the other epic spells. I mean, hellball is really neat to mop up a pack of weakish mobs, but introducing charges to a class that otherwise is spared from them just ain't working for me personally.

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Re: Endgame-viable build these days?

Post#2 » Sat Dec 29, 2018 11:55 am

Gear is important for endgame. Either a rogue build or arcane utilizing the set pieces you have would work fine. A dual wielding str/cha rogue build with set is a beast as is a sorc/fm with set. Without a set arcane is still a top tier toon.

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Re: Endgame-viable build these days?

Post#3 » Sat Dec 29, 2018 12:52 pm

Caylin wrote:A dual wielding str/cha rogue build

How do you build such a thing? Are you talking about taking BG/Pal levels for EDM? Something like BG 3 / Assassin 8 / Rog 19 (and fill the rest with rogue) and then going for EDM? That is tight stats and feat-wise and seems (with my limited exposure to endgame!) to solve the wrong problem - I got rid of mobs more or less fast enough, but could often not survive long enough to get back out with HipS against heavy hitters. A question of gear maybe? I assume you would go for quake shock when building with STR in mind (which should enable sneak attacks as well, assuming the knockdown lands)?

But then that would mean maxing STR and CHA and probably not having enough DEX for the important defenses - Epic Dodge's 25 DEX requirement could be quite tricky to reach, especially on a Deep Gnome, with their reduced STR / CHA... tricky. Not to mention loosing quite a bit of AC.

Caylin wrote:as is a sorc/fm with set. Without a set arcane is still a top tier toon.

Hmm.. seems to be the way to go then. I assume FM is necessary to bypass mobs with too many immunities?

Well anyway, thanks for your insights. Much apreciated.

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Re: Endgame-viable build these days?

Post#4 » Tue Jan 01, 2019 1:03 pm

Welcome back!
Most Endgame Builds are made for Specific Gear ( Fullset or Stacking Sets ), especially Melee are highly Gear depended. Like Caylin suggested, may you make an Arcane Caster first as they have a huge Damage Output and good survivability without Set too. For Melee or Archer Builds i suggest to level a Dexbased FS for the first or second Toon. Gear is easier to collect and trade than other Sets. Several Melee Classes dosnt fit well without Set, especially Rogues. Rogues are Top Tier with Fullset and very weak without.
This is an example for the Str/Cha based Rogue ( unplayable without Fullset ) nwn2db.com/build/?290139.

Compared to 1 or 1 1/2 year ago, Trinity has new Areas for Toons between ER3 and lvl 40, with different difficulties. With a decent Damage Dealer Build you should have no serious Problems to hit lvl 40 in 2-4 Weeks ( depending on playing time ). Good Luck and enjoy Trinity!

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