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Journal of Jack

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Dear Journal,

My name is Seakle Ducksoul. I don't let anyone know that name though, would you? As far as the rest of the world is concerned, my name is Jack. First, a little bit of my background.

I guess I can't complain much. As far as my heritage, well... I've been told that my great great grandmother on my fathers side once had a not so good one night stand with an ugly beasty and so I came out as I did today. Technically, I'm a teifling. You know..., demon-boy? Well, from what I've learned during my 3 years on a 'trade' ship, I'm pretty lucky as far as that goes. I don't have horns or a tail or anything. People just seem to feel a little extra afraid when they get close to me. Not that you would care, but I think that it has inhibited any potential 'relationships' I could have had. Also, most of the women I've been with say I smell a bit funny, but I just pretty much tell them to shut it. I'm the one paying for their time, right? But it sure is fun to watch peoples faces as they get close to me! Ha! Ha!

I was a cabin boy for sometime. I learned what I could from the sailors aboard and ran 'errands' on shore to collect 'supplies'. Frankly, I'd had enough of it and felt like I could do better without the dim-wits that called themselves pirates and sailors. I think there is amply opportunity to make some coin in this land.

I've heard rumor that a secretive sect of thieves have been through this town recently as well. They say that they walk in shadows, even broad daylight. I want to find them. I'd love to learn THAT trick. If I could walk as those theives do.. oh the fun things I would love to do to the captain and crew of my old ship. I'd be better than invisible and I'd poke their puny posteriors until they thought their minds had gone elsewhere.

I've seen my share of wanna be magic users. They're all fools in my eyes. There isn't anything that my wit, agility, and a quick flip of my rapier can't overcome as far as I'm concerned. So I have come to town on a 'trade' ship. We were going to let off at Trinity, but there seemed to not be much trade there seeing as the whole town was decimated. So we let off in the west slums of Suzail. For now, I think I'll get a drink.

Day 1:

So I walked into the Tavern and there was this lass walking down from the bar. A fine looking woman if you don't mind me saying so myself. So, as would any man who has been on the sea for so long, I asked her if she was working and how much for her time. She just about slapped me. That's when her boss walked up and told her that she wasn't getting paid to talk to the customers. It turns out that she was the entertainment for the night and I'm not talking about my kind of entertainment. Later I found out that her name was Kaylette or Kayletta or something like that. She died, but I'll get to that later.

For now I just wanted to get some attention from her. She was very nice looking and when she got up on that stage I just knew I had to take a second try so I offered her some coin if she would sing a song about how much she loved me. She didn't oblige though. My bad luck. Oh well, so it goes.

Upon looking for something else to keep me interested I over hear this nutcase just saying animal names , "squirrel", "antelope", "badger" ... he would just go on and on. No attempts at communicating with him seemed to work. He would say things like... "yes, you can have the nuts". I've come to calling him the nut man. I'm pretty sure that he told me his name along the way but I forget. He's still alive, not that it really matters.

Then there is the dwarf that was sitting next to him. A real drinker, like most dwarves seem to be. He wasn't a drunk, don't get me wrong. He seemed stable enough. I gave him my name, Jack. He gave me his, Gru. We got along well from the start. He didn't judge me, I didn't judge him. I didn't tell him what to do, he didn't tell me what to do. That's the way I like it. I ask him about the Nut Man and he doesn't have a clue either. Oh well.

Having had enough of that conversation, I notice another cutie behind me. Unfortunately I don't have any luck with her either. She kept telling me that she would be willing to spend time with me for free and soothe my wounds. We just didn't agree on the wounds. Oh well.

That's when the guy from the city shows up and says that the city is going to be attacked by Amn and they need anyone who can hold a sword to pack up their things and go save the day or something. At first, I'm skeptical, but then they mention money, I'm in. Don't go thinking I'm some sort of sell sword, 'cause I'm not. Fact is that i'm trying to get off my ship and find some of those thieves that can hide in daylight and if I could somehow find some among the prisoners from Amn or maybe even leave the army camp if there are some on the Amn side of the field, I could go there. The fact is, I have nothing better to do anyway and I guess that was the biggest factor. I tell you though, I had to keep repeating to myself over and over again... "i'm in it for the money, i'm in it for the money'. It was the only way I could get my courage up to talk to their main guy... or was it a girl... called himself Sharon or some such.

Anyway, he sent us off to the naval yard to investigate something. Oh. I did just say 'we', didn't I. I guess I skipped that part. Turns out that the Nut Case, Gru, the beautiful singer and the wound soother all came along too. It would have been perfect if it weren't for the fact that both the women had already turned me down and the Nut Case had followed us. At least Gru was there. He's a fine chap.

Like I was saying, we are going to investigate something in the Naval Yard. I'd like to stress 'Investigate'. We are getting close to the Naval Yard and everyone grabs there weapons. I'm just astounded. I tell them too. I say, " we are investigating. There may not actually be any trouble here at all. If you go around with your weapon out, you're bound to get someone to jump you whether there is trouble or not". That's how I remember it anyway.

It's sounding too quiet though, so I try hide myself as I sneak around the corner and take a peak. Three guys waiting for us. I was wrong. Walking quickly back to our crew, I tell them this and feel my first feeling of comradery with my new crew. I wish that they were my crew on a nice ship, but not yet. Maybe someday. So, we actually found quite a few of those fellows, all of them thugs and brigands ready to stab you in the back any chance they get. My kind of guys.

Kayletta was hilarious. She actually walks up and tries to negotiate with them as they charge to attack her. Its lucky that Gru was up there with her. I had a little talk with her after that and explained that thugs don't negotiate, Captains do. Even then there is no guarantee. Thugs just do what they are told and if one is trying to kill you, then they are all going to try to kill you. Of course, being who she is.. she doesn't listen.

Between me and Gru, we saved the day. We found the captain. Kay didn't want to listen to me. I told her not to go talk to the captain, but she wouldn't listen. I said, "if you're going to go, say a prayer to your god first, just in case you die". She died. It was sad. I mean really sad. I actually was kinda getting to like her. I just didn't know it. I wasn't sure what to do with her body or anything so I just sort of left it there. I know. Don't judge me. I just couldn't figure out what to do. I couldn't bring myself to throw her in the water. That's what we did on the ship if someone died. I'm not that familiar with land death.

Apparently the rest of the group carried her back to the docks and prayed. I don't know. I wasn't there. But when I came back to check on them, she was alive and there. It wasn't Miss Smoothe wounds either. They all said that Kay's prayers were answered. I knew my advice helped. I actually was really glad to see her and if she hadn't already turned me down, well, I would have hugged her. So, there goes. That's pretty much my journal for today.

We are suppose to go see this fellow J.D. Kimball. It sounds promising. Maybe he'll know something about these shadow walker thingy people.

Oh, I don't think I mentioned the gambling! Ah.. that was fun. Gru and I were in the Blacksmiths shop, just hanging out at the table in there after our business was done and the ladies were still doing their thing. I made this great game up with the cards. It was a total sham game, completely rigged by yours truly, but he completely fell for it. I didn't make him pay too much, not this time. After I gain some more trust I'll sucker him for a lot more. We'll see. Maybe I won't. He seems a fairly decent fellow after all.

Not a bad days work after all. The city paid well. Hundreds of gold pieces. I'm a pretty happy man. This place just really needs a brothel. Oh and I bought a stein for Gru. I'll give it to him tomorrow. Until next time, journal. Oh... did I mention that I convinced the ladies that I have 5 kids and a dead wife? They are such suckers! Ha! Ha! ok... write you tomorrow.

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Re: Journal of Jack

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Day 2,

Journal of the Amazing Jack.
I woke today with an intense headache. To much drinking with Gru. Gave him a stein as a gift. We went to see this J.D. to get some gold. I can smell a smuggling operation 2 cities away. Most of the day is a blur. J.D. turned himself in. Going back to bed now. I hope I feel better in the morining.

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