A day with a dwarf

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A day with a dwarf

Post#1 » Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:33 pm

Most days I’m happy enough to run my errands and see what work there is to be had before going back to my hobble. Today was hot and I grew bored so I decided to visit the slums in East Suzail and patronize the pub there and wet my whiskers. I called for an ale and sent my eyes lookin for a seat to plant my duff and watch a young lass sing about.. lovey somethin. The only chair to be had was at a table near a tall fella clothed in untanned skins and reeking terrible. So I ask this fella if I can have a seat, out of courtesy mind you, and he tells me no. I sit.

The bard en’t bad so I go to work on my flagon and began watching a shady lookin fella callin himself “Jack” make a right fool of imself trying to win a lass who don’t appear to be wantin what he’s sellin. The fella at the table is carryin on about trees and pixies to this badger.. right nutter he was. He’s convinced I’m a wolverine and this Jack bloke is a “squirrel”, so says to me. Just about that time a soldierly type, all shinky as a new crown, walks in and starts on with the barkeep in hushed speak. The shiny soldier stops the bard lass and shouts out, “Amn is invading”, and we’re all sposed to draw arms against em. I like a fight as much as the next dwarf so I go to Shayran, where the soldier says I’d find more about this Amn army.

Five of us made a right odd pack but a pack no less. So it’s meself, the bard lass who goes by Kayleetta, Jack the squirrel, the lady Jack was tryin to win turns out is Kierra , and the smelly nutter the bard wench says is a druid who doesn’t know who he is.. We are sent off to the docks and I’m prayin to the Stone Lords we en’t getting on a boat when we’re attacked by a couple dozen Amn soldiers. The bard lass says we should try talkin to em so my axe had a few choice words with a few. The nutter druid skinned a few of the fell and I came to understand the reekin. Poor lass Kayleetta fell to a blade and we carried her back to safety where she recovered well enough. We were right spent so we traveled back to the pub where we’d met and took rooms for the night. Spose we'll see what tomorrow holds...
"I value a good team playing experience, where atleast one poor sot falls on his sword three or four times... ", Old Man Jeenkins

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