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Re: Thug Swash. Set [Live Beta] - Tester Notes

Post#21 » Tue May 01, 2018 1:33 am

kc2345 wrote:Wouldn't you mean epic precision instead of crippling strike?

Crippling strike on its own isn't terribly useful, but it's the pre-req for epic precision, which makes swash insightful strike and thug sneaks work on cit immunes.

You are absolutely right.

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Re: Thug Swash. Set [Live Beta] - Tester Notes

Post#22 » Tue May 01, 2018 5:13 am

You want both, Crippling Strike for Stun efffect on Finishing Stroke and Epic Precision for more damage.

And yes Tumble is useless form Gear, you need total 14 ( including Modifiers ) to hit with a Roll of 1 the 15 to avoid attack of Oppotinity, but i disagree with the Skills you want.
Bluff for Feint? According to Zan Feint dont work properly once you hit RoT 2.8, feels useless too.
Intimidate for Demoralize Opponent? Tested few times on Event Server, dont work mostly and when i couldnt see/feel any Effect. Expose Weakness is stroger.
Taunt never tested, probably worth.

Spellresistance from Set isnt great too with only 1 x Classlvl of Swash/Thug. Racial SR is 51 and from Fullcaster Spell you get 55. Dont think it would be a balance breaker to give 55 from Set and for sure Players wants more.

Anything concrete whats the planned Special from Cloak?

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Re: Thug Swash. Set [Live Beta] - Tester Notes

Post#23 » Wed May 02, 2018 3:01 am

Intimidate would be for browbeat. And again, my proposal is to push to play a different style with funny signature feats, instead of another similar double wielder thing, otherwise why play thug/swash/dread ? So yes, bluff, intimidate, taunt, whatever would make this class different and not only a competitor in the eternal powerbuilding race.

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