Barbarian Class Issues,Bugs

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Barbarian Class Issues,Bugs

Post#1 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:17 am

Dear Developers, i wanna list some Points, i remarked while playing and analyzing Barbarian Class and his Fullset, including Boni.

1. Fullset Barbarian Purist Damage Bonus is described at Combat Log with 38 Magical Damage, CS and Inventory Shows +28 and another Source of +4 ( dualwield ) and +9 ( Onehanded). Combat test at Thumper Shows too +28 and +4 / 9 (depends on Dualwieldor Onehanded). I wanted to add a Screenshot here but i am not able to do this ( at Discord works).
So my question is, Damage Bonus from Purist Fullset is balanced to 28?
And which source are the +4/9 magical damage?

2. Barbarian Fullset Purist Bonus Damage Shield works like described, but it is a Boomerang when you fight vs Enemies with Damagereflection. Depends on Enemie ( Intelect Devourer, Maruts, Terrrasques.....) and Exmode you get more damage than you deal.
Is it possible to Change this? I.e. you can en/disable the Damage Shield from Rage Manual?

3. When you buff up with Divine Shield or Divine Might and enables Rage before finishing DS/DM it removes 1 ability DS/DM per Day without getting Rage. This is only nasty and not such a serious Problem.

4. Barbarian at Character Creation: Here are the Descritpions of Standard and Whirlwind Rage definitv wrong. I.e. Standard Rage gets Spellabsorption too not only the Whirlrage.

I am sure that i missinge 1-3 other Points, apologize that i am not such organized and wrote down my thoughts. When it Comes back to my MInd i will add them.

Sincerly yours,

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Re: Barbarian Class Issues,Bugs

Post#2 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:09 am

Barbarian Set will be incorporated into the generic system soon and I will do my best to rectify the damage issue. It should be and is coded to be equal to your barbarian level if you have 38+ levels.

Regarding the damage reflection issue, I can try to look into a more polite way to integrate this. No promises though.

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