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Warlock set feedback

Post#1 » Mon Aug 21, 2017 1:28 pm

I hope this is helpful, had a blast testing the set out, and I am thrilled that warlocks are finally get some positive attention.

Tested on 3 toons (level 30 non-ER, ER1, and ER4)

* Hellfire Warlock level stack with warlock levels for set verified
* The bone golem if he is supposed to resurrect it has not so far (4x)
It has cast greater restoration on my ER4 toon (3x).
The golem does seem to periodically take a while to react to hostiles
* When I first looked there was a description story for the armor but now all the set pieces have a spell description (cosmetic)
* I Was surprised that none of the pieces had Haste, but can be easily fixed by adding to some other piece of gear at the under dark forge (though with haste the bone golem has a hard time keeping up with your toon)
* the set does not seam over powered and is a better set for a warlock focused character
* 12 times the set did not recognize how many pieces were equipped usually after changing areas (heard that happens sometimes with set items)
* 6 of the times I notice when trying to summon the golem received message that
That power requires that 4 pieces of the Devils Amendments set be equipped – had all 6 equipped
Had to unequip/equip various pieces until set recognized (not a fun process in combat)
* 2x had the Death’s locket unequipped itself stating that I needed 13 levels of fighter to equip it
Seamed to stop after putting it in to storage and retrieving it again.
* The only feat the set describes is “slippery mind” none of the pieces seem to give any warlock feats:
Empower or Maximize Eldritch Blast, Practiced invoker, Ability focus Blast or Invocations, or Weapon focus RTA
Was this an intentional change from the projected set, or glitch?

* so only 2 recommendations:
1- Add feat on the gloves either Weapon focus RTA, empower, or Maximize eldritch blast
2- change the requirement for the Golem to scale with the # of set pieces ie set pieces 2/4/6 = 1/2/3 per day
(with the set recognizing issues this might prove too glitchy)

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