Feedback 3:15 - 16

Feedback on test runs for open beta and more.
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Feedback 3:15 - 16

Post#1 » Thu Oct 09, 2014 4:47 am

Firstly, cracking (thanks!) The sunset mountains squabble I apparently lucked out on, my first attempt gaining victory at the moment of my toon's death. As trying to get my 2 other guys at the same stage through it was a fruitless exercise in 'your lads have been decimated, have some surprise death! Nice to be tested, I'll seek backup next time.

One thing I would recommend checking is that the victory script doesn't trigger the same surprise death as defeat. I hadn't *thought* I was at risk when I popped my clogs at the moment of victory, but I was also pretty drunk and no doubt not paying attention properly.

(Some things in 3:15 were only worth 50xp, but that was, I think, an Amn invader to a lvl 36 toon, so no idea if planned or not. No idea what the others were worth as there's so much going on the whole combat log record shows about the last ten seconds before it runs out of space!)

So, I only had 1 play through of 16 with the toon who scored the pyrrhic victory. I will of course be back to it, and let you know anything else I stumble across, but this run focussed (obviously), on the bourbon fuelled self interest of a greedy xp sponge. The thing I noticed (again with a lvl 36 toon) was a great disparity between the xp available for some kills (specifically, I think, Dragonman 'knight' types). Some were worth 50xp and blown away in seconds, some were worth 400+ and more challenging. My guess would be that some use the same mob template or whatever as the late stage chapters of act 2, and some use the (presumably correct and intended) mob template that makes them 'harder' than the 'knight' class encountered in Arabel.

Hope some of that helps!

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Re: Feedback 3:15 - 16

Post#2 » Thu Oct 09, 2014 7:50 am

You should read over the thread that we have been using for tracking feedback. XP is at a beta level, and some mobs will remain less since they are lesser mobs. It would be insanely difficult if we threw all CR36 plus mobs throughout. If you want extra XP, EX mode is you're only option at these levels. We will, however, be upping XP on several mobs throughout 15 and 16 once we go live with the content.
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Re: Feedback 3:15 - 16

Post#3 » Thu Oct 09, 2014 9:30 am

I *keep* forgetting about the feedback thingy.

My only remaining comment then is the autokill process fort failing, and checking it doesn't also trigger on a win.

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