Official History : Mick Ironfist and the C&B Pub

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Official History : Mick Ironfist and the C&B Pub

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One of the most famous residents of Trinity is the legendary veteran, Mick Ironfist. His shop is frequented by many of the adventurers who seek to sell the spoils of their travels and perhaps purchase some more interesting equipment. Some of the items that Mick carries are handcrafted by his son, Rex, who is also well known for his skill as a Blacksmith. These two men help keep the town safe by providing specialized arms and armor to the commanders of the Trinity Army and the Town Guard.

Although Mick is seldom seen doing anything other than working, he does enjoy sharing a table at the C&B Pub with his old pal, Vaster Jarulson. They always share a rack of lamb, a few pints of ale, and order two legs of mutton for Rex who leaves early to pass some time with a lady from Guild Ahala. To their credit, Vaster manages to tackle far more in the way of spirited drink than Mick, but the two always have a good time.

Sometimes, a good time goes too far and the merriment carries over into the street.

On one particularly interesting occasion, Mick lost sight of Vaster for the better part of an hour. Eventually, Vaster did make an appearance, but it was atop the pub, stark naked, drinking heartily from a stein.

How he got up there is anyone’s guess.

The spectators were hesitant to laugh, considering who Vaster was, although Rex did make a few choice comments before returning to Guild Ahala.

Vaster continued to ignore the barkeep’s pleas, so Mick, confident in his throwing arm, began to toss rocks into the air, hoping to knock his friend free from the rooftop, much to the amusement of the townsfolk.

In response, Vaster peeled his lips away from the stein and yelled down to Mick, “Hey, Mickey! Don’t you dare hit me in the C&Bs!”

Ever since that night, the shudders at Guild Ahala stay shut.

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