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Spoiler: show
~~~Dream sequence engage~~~~

You open your eyes and see two figures talking. One of them looks to be kneeling to another. Both of them are completely covered in shadows.

-"My Queen..." -Says the kneeling figure. You recognize the voice. It is the voice of one of your companions, Dorian.

- You have done a good job this day, my knight!

-I am sorry, my...??? I did? - tone suddenly switches from apologetic to surprised.

-Yes yes, you certainly did a good job. You dont know it yet, but big name and power awaits you now. I can see it. As long as you dont make any stupid mistakes, your future in my plans is now guaranteed!

-Oh...I didnt even hope to...I... I am very sorry, My Lady, but I may have already committed a grave mistake. My companions...they have seen the change that is happening to me. They suspecting that something is behind it. They would certainly unveil the truth to the whole Trinity...This damn bronze bastard, I underestimated him. If only I could redo it all...

-"Dont fret about small things, my toy, this was a minor matter to settle. I have watched over your shoulder the whole time. It was to early for you to confront him, yes, but, luckily, bronze one was to young and blind to realise full scale of your importance. His mistake of sparing you he would regret dearly one day. And about the flies that buzz around you..." - You see her head turning, and her gaze piercing deep into your soul. -".... dont worry, I already...played a little trick with their minds. Even if they want to, they wouldnt be able to convey the truth to anybody, but each other or yourself. After all, I could not let you fail, when you were just one step from success. The moment your mask shattered, I already ensured their "cooperation".

-I am ever thankful for your Grace, I could only pray to be of use to you one day, My Queen.

-You will be, young one, you surely would be.

Suddenly, shadows start to gather and envelop your vision. You can hear nothing too. After few minutes?days?years? of absolute darkness, you finally wake up, covered in sweat and your body trembling.

~~~Dream sequence over~~~
Every character, even Tristan, have seen the dream this time.

Out of character, anytime you would try to reveal the truth about Dorian, no matter what methods you use, no matter how you try to convey your message, npc wouldnt understand you and would think that your character just talks/writes/shows nonsense. They would only get confused.
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Spoiler: show
24th day of Ches, Year xxxx+1
Notes to self.

The first paragraph is all rough and obviously written in anger.

Curse that damn bronze bastard!!! He would pay for it! Ill remove his scales one by one, while he is still breathing! And it would only be a beginning of his "adventure'... Such a Humiliation....SHE has seen me fall...stupid stupid stupid!!! Why didnt I jump away from his breath??! Even just a step to the side would have been sufficient. It was a damn dragon for god's sake. Ofc it would have a breath attack!

Handwriting stabilises after it.

Everything is allright now. As she said, these are all small matters and I shouldnt think to much about them now. In the end, with Her help, my success is now secured. I just have to keep my head calm and everything I want would just fall into my hands.

Lets now gather my thoughts and look rationally on the passing day:
First. Our meeting with captain Gorges this morning. Honestly, at first, I thought that maybe it had something to do with the culture of this city. But the more and more I talk with him... The more I think that captain Gorges is just a simple wuss. No wonder he is still captain at his age. If it were up to me, he wouldnt have even became a captain. The guy is afraid of everything. Apologising to his subordinates for forcing them to do their own god damn job? The guy has no balls.

He not only failed to punish Sam for his insubordination...he even apologized to him for having to watch me do all the goddamn work! And not only to him. To Yurei too. Apparently, her sister "scared" him. Coward. Apparently, I now have to be careful, so those weaklings wouldnt soil their pants, while I do my job. Maybe I should have brewed them some tea? After all, they were so traumatised for having to sit on their arses and do nothing!
Nevermind that....Hope, he wouldnt be giving me orders for much longer. This guy wont ever achieve anything. And if we stay to close, he might drag us down together with him.
Anyway...from bad to worse...

My playtime with Steve was not for nothing. Secret entrance to the mansion was there waiting for us. Now about the way to open it.

It has been....A male Fey. Yes. Looks like they do exist. Disgusting creature. Only female fey should exist. Like Nymphs, their species should be strictly female! Sigh, when father was telling me a story of his encounters with Fey in our family forest...He only told of the beautiful female ones! And it should have stayed that way! Anyway, flying all over my ruined dreamscape...This abomination dares to demand a kiss! My sword is the best kiss it could hope for, this damned creature....

Luckily, it was satisfied with four kisses of my dead dear companions, I would remember their sacrifice... It didnt quite like the smell of my cold iron sword, so the thing changed its mind and gave up on trying to get a kiss from me. It opened the portal, that led us in the dungeons, under lord Henry's mansion.

From worse to worst....and into the abyss.
Dungeon was full of skeletons and spiders, but they werent a big problem. One of them bitten Sam, but it was his fault for not wearing a proper armor. Yurei helped him with poison, so it solved itself out in the end. But what I have seen next has been a huge shock. There was a young bronze dragon in the dungeon! I knew from the beginning, that he would be a big problem. I couldnt take him on without a full cooperation of our party. And he just had to be a metallic one. There were more chances that group would join with said dragon and together murder me, than them actually helping me in killing him!

No...I had to play my cards right! And then I had an Idea! Let them talk with each other! At worst, they would talk him down to let us pass. At best, they wouldnt reach compromise and would be forced to rely on my help in slaying him! Brilliant! And the best part....I didnt have to even move a finger for everything to work out in my favour! I did help to force the preferred result, of course, She would be so proud of me, If I managed to take the dragon down....

Everything went just as planned...They didnt manage to find a compromise, and thats when I charged! The perfect opportunity! The beast managed to resist my curses, but still it was 5 of us against him! With all of our powers...And then he opened his mouth and it all went...Green? Usually it goes black, but it was his acid breath, after all.

When I woke up, I felt a familiar chill on my face. I must be at home, I thought, and It was all a dream...Male fairy? Hahahahah...More like a nightmare. And then I opened my eyes and my companions were all looking at me. And I was looking at them. With my own eyes. Not through a helmet's visor. Realization downed on me. They can see Me. The new me...I was paralysed from shock. They were talking. Dragon was talking too. But I didnt hear them. I was calculating on how can I dig myself out of this new hole I am in. Unable to find an answer.

Yurei gave me her scarf and said something. I dont remember what she said. But I thanked her and gave it back. Instead, I used my own cloak as bandage around my whole face. Her behaviour is creepy. Why this child keeps forgiving everything I do? I know she cared about the troll that I tried to murder, but she didnt even resist, when I pretended to pat her head to check it for horns. Just a week ago she has seen me Torture a lizard to death. She was all in tears, crying. And now she smiles and tries to cheer me up? No human should act like that!!! After we all get murdered by the next threat, would she still smile and cheer up the one who killed us? Does she Really care about anything?

Later I learned that dragon was holding a gem, that was part of the set of three. Once we gather all three, portal to mansion would open. He gave it to us after he has seen my changes. Said I would amuse him more, than Henry ever could have. Yes. He would be amused. For long long days. I would keep him amused. One day. And he would regret letting me survive.

Other two gems were guarded by two Giants. We found them farther in the dungeon. I had to withstand both of their attacks for quite some time. Giant shaman was the worst. While my armor protects me from physical attacks, his cold blasts were penetrating right through my soul, slowly, blast after blast, eating away at my endurance. I barely managed to hold up long enough for other party members to deal with the warrior giant. A few more seconds, and I would have fallen on top of said warrior giant. Luckily, my potions had just been barely enough for me to stand my ground.

After Giant Shaman has fallen, we gathered the gems, and when stacked together, they began to shine and opened another portal. I first told Razza to fly into the portal and check what awaits us on the other side. There was a library, and human was rummaging through some expensive chest.

Understanding what is happening, I told my group to hurry up and jump into the portal. After crossing, I immediately jumped at Lord Henry and grabbed his hands, not allowing him to use whatever artefact he was planning to murder us with. I had a chilling feeling, that if I didnt, we all would have been dead in seconds. Magic aura around this chest was levels beyond what we could have hoped to deal with.

Surprisingly, it was actually his last resort. After getting handcuffed, Lord Henry immediately gave up and pledged guilty to every our accusation. Just to check it up, I mentioned my torture session with Steve. Just by looking at Henry's eyes, I could see, that he deeply cared about this underling of his. So I bluffed him, that Steve died with a face covered in tears and life full of regrets. I told Lord Henry, that Steve's last regret was ever meeting him, that with his last breath, he cursed Lord Henry's name.

Hearing all that, Henry face has shown me everything I wanted to see. A broken and powerless crying old man. He was no longer a threat. There were no more traps. It was our complete victory.

Lady Seline
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Spoiler: show
The building was small, barely one room. Holes in the roof on the west side leaked a constant trickle of raindrops as the storm blustered outside, dripping into scattered clay earthenware carefully placed about the area to prevent flooding. Despite its dilapidated state the floors were neatly swept with great care and diligence though the fact would be hard to tell for most people due to the fact not one shred of light illuminated the room during this night. No candle, not one spell-light, not even a fire in the hearth to keep warm. Far from being empty, the two small occupants looked so alike that if not for their hair colour and the fact one had severe burn scars they'd be mistaken for one another. One with dark hair and unscarred lay in a tangle of skins and furs at the east end of the room far from the noise of the dripping water. She beathed slowly in and out with a faint athsmatic wheeze, her hair splayed out around her like a dark halo in her sleep. Running around near her was a large, abnormally bold rat decorated with a red cloth ribbon. It emitted faint squeaks at the army of rats coming to and fro from the hovel that usually plagued the two girls with bites and nibbles as they slept. Strangely the mischief of rats were keeping their distance like a tiny well behaved rodent army.

The other girl with platinum gold hair worked at the sole piece of furniture in the center of the room. The dining table was scatteded with scrolls, inks, and pieces of a disassembled shield golem. In complete silence the child was studying the runecraft on the golem and making notations on a piece of spell parchment, transcribing its defensive effects into a new spell never before seen. A spellform for the warding the golem would usually provide. As she worked a large opalescent backed beetle carried scrolls and notes, inkwells and pieces of golem about on the table assiting the child prodigy in her research. Sighing softly the girl stretched her arms interlocked above her head, cracking her joints in her skeletal right arm as she finished her ninth attempt at a basic functional draft of the new potential spell. A quiet whimper from the pile of furs makes the silver gold haired child look to the dark haired girl. Hopping off the old packing crate she was using as a chair, she moves over to the other girl with a quiet rustle of mithril and scales, and softly strokes the sleeping girl's head, gently rubbing the tiny goat-like horns poking out the black halo. The other's eyes flutter open as she wakes from her bad dream with a start. Reaching up from the nest of furs, the restless girl softly touches the scarred cheek of the silver-gold haired, stroking out and touching a deliberate pattern on the rough skin.

"Sorry sister. [did I] disturb you? [Have] you finished [the] spell?"

Sliding her skeletal hand down to the other's cheek the armoured girl traces her own set of patterns,

"I have finished [the] ninth [attempt]. I think [this will] work, [but] will be inefficient [on] mana."

The girl's hand stops as it brushes against a damp path a tear has traced down the brunette's cheek. The resting child turns her face aside to try and hide the fact she was crying from her sister, and the armorued girl scowls silently and moves to the table to give the former some space to compose themselves. Reaching for the parchment on the center of the table, she studies it one more time for errors before stepping into a chalk warding circle for safety and silently casting it with only gestures. Energy surges as the girl staggers from extreme mana loss from the heavily unoptimized spell before a strong abjuration affect settles in a halo of force close to her skin. Waiting for the mana to stabilise first she carefully moves out of the circle and begins to test the new shield. Getting her beetle to pinch her, moving up to poking herself with knives, pouring on very weak acids, invoking a silent ray of frost on her skeletal arm. She briefly looks at a lantern and moves her hand toards the firestarter flint but stops short her hand trembling and her breathing becoming heavier. Slowly she lowers her hand, and taking a deep breath instead begins to hastily strip off out of her armour to head to bed. Once down to her shift, her dragonscale armour stacked neatly on the old and broken shop mannequin propped up against the wall of the room, she quickly moves to the nest of furs and slip in before the biting cold can get to her. She snuggles up to her sister who has turned to face her, luxuriating in the bliss of the other girls higher than normal body temperature, briefly supressing a flash of jealousy at her sibling's tolerance to extreme temperatures. They once more reach out to touch each other's cheeks the brunette had taken the time to dry, conversing in their fragmented yet complex private language.

"I'm sorry, I know its childish of me but..."

"Enough of that, Its a perfectly normal reaction to what you saw. I know I can be a bit emotionally detached due to my condition and I'm sorry if I've not been supportive enough. I've always thought that its great you are so passionate, and it makes me... happy that you feel enough for both of us."

"I felt you hesitate! Admit it, you wish I'd stop acting the child and be more grow up a little more often!"

"... maybe a little. I worry you did all that for my sake. Because I never really felt able to play like a regular girl since my injury."

"... ... You noticed?"

"Of course I did. You're the other half of my soul."

"Are you angry?"

"... I dont often feel angry."

"I'm sorry. That was insensitive of me."

"Its ok. That you understood me well enough to apologise, that fact alone made me... happy."

They pause in their hand motions a while looking at each others eyes hands on cheeks in silence. After a while the scarred child twitches her finger,

"What now?"

"I need to be serious I guess. There are many things here in our new hometown I dislike, and I lack the power to change them. I need to get stronger. Any ideas?"

"Talk through your plan. Step by step. Work backwards."

"I want to be able to influence how the city works. I need the power to punsih the guilty, to defend the innocent."


"I need to be someone who can stop the corrupt in power, to stand up for those who lack wealth or influence and speak for those treated as lesser beings."

"What do you need, what blocks you, and what will aid you?"

"I think I need to be a city judge or advocate. My first goal was to get know by the law enforcement, so I worked for the watch. Next I need support. I'm not a noble so I need support in either the millitary, trade guilds, or the arcane society. What do you think?"

"Trade guilds will require money. We saved everthing we earnt to the point we live here. I've done a tally and with the equipment maintenance costs between our two different jobs I conclude we wont be able to earn enough fast enough. That leaves the millitary or arcane society. Our old injuries and age rule out the former so that leaves the society."

"That is the conclusion I reached too. I thought I had a way in with Serr Henry but he turned out to be a traitor and a fool! Greater good, the fallacy only a simpleton falls for. I dont know what to do now. Who would listen to a pauper orphan who randomly knocks on the door?"

The scarred girl begins to smiles at the brunette.

"What? Why are you smilling?"

A rolled scroll parchment slowly pokes up inbetween the girls, pushed up by the blonde from where she hid it beneath the furs when she scurried into bed. Realisation dawns.

"But... that's your research! I couldn't!"

"idiot! Why do you think I made it? For people lacking physical strength like us a golem would always be a better choice than some abjuration spell. When you find a way to an interview, use this to secure your schollarship to study."

The brunette engulfs the platinum blond in a hug as silent tears resume flowing in the night, witnessed only by a ribboned rat curled up on top of the glossy shell of a giant beetle.

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(Found on handbills throughout Trinity, in the elegant hand of a professional scribe)

To owners of, and brokers representing the rights to, property suitable for a proven protector and Knight of Trinity,

A distinguished personage may be interested in the purchase or rental of a residence befitting his status. Parties in a position to fulfill this role are welcome to present particulars at the northern barracks, to the attention of Sir Gron Giantsbane. Discretion expected and assured.

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Spoiler: show
28th day of Tarsakh, Year xxxx+1
Notes to self.

Month has passed since we thwarted Lord Henry's scheme. After such a big event changes were destined to happen, and, surely, changes did happen.

At first, as a reward for our Heroism, we were granted knight titles. Most of us accepted the titles, but Samar foolishly refused the reward, claiming, that his ideals are more important. At least this commoner knows his place, I am a bit regretful, that due to my heroism even dysfunctional people like winter have received the titles. Well, at least this is one more step on my ascension. She would get stabbed in some bar eventually anyway. Or, more likely, jump in the portal leading to the lava pit. With her brazen charges, one day, she would get into a deadly trap for sure.

Honestly, the whole ceremony was a disappointment, I was knighted by that fool Gorges....I was expecting the king to put his sword on my shoulder, not that spineless fool!

But, as I keep repeating to myself, man has to do with whats given. One day, everything would be like I want it to be. But for now, I should endure.

Later we were persuaded to explore the plane of fire. From that, I have learned that fire elementals are pretty chill (pun intended). We helped them to deal with fire giant invasion and received fire weapons and one fire artefact as a reward.

Also...Looks like "Ludewig's extremely dangerous and fun adventures between dimensions" shouldnt be trusted. Bastard writer claimed that fire plane is made entirely of fire! Made me needlessly nervous while entering the portal.


What else happened...Ah yes! Captain Gorges died! As I said, good things Do happen if you just endure. Fool allowed himself to be kidnapped by some minor thugs! Lowlifes wanted to use him as a bait to capture us. Apparently they wanted to get back at us for something. Dont even remember the guys. Some faceless nobodies.

They wanted us to come alone and tell nobody about this, or else Gorges would die. Pfft, fools, as if I would risk my life for that old relic. First thing I did is warn the rest of the guards and told them to call reinforcements asap.

Ofc, we All were so sad (haha), that gorges didnt make it, but, on the other hand, reinforcements have easily dealt with potential danger. Lowly rats managed to hire like dozen mages to deal with us. If not for reinforcements, their ambush , actually, could have been a success.


Today, we were finally introduced to our new boss. He is called Commander Snyder and seems to be a real leader. There are rumours about him being a hero, who once killed a dragon! With him choosing missions for us, my reputation would be sure to raise to the skies and above.


Other than him, there was one more surprise that arrived that day. Month ago, after we were knighted, Yurei has decided to join arcane society. I didnt think much of it. After all, there was no place for the kid in our field of work anyway. She would do better there. But what I didnt expect is young woman to introduce herself today as Yurei! Apparently, they have some kind of time field spell in the arcane society, that allows them to spend 5 years of training in 1 month! That was surely a surprise! She even learned some proper etiquette!

Sadly, even if I had access to this method, I have no time for such training, I need every year of my life to achieve my ambition. Can't simply waste five of them on training and doing nothing else.

But for her? It might be just right. Now she can be of actual use to me! I have no use for kids, but a woman with her talents? I can see the potential...


Our first mission was to collect taxes from a settlement that was overdue. Not a big one, but a good start. While Sam and winter were busy getting fooled by the village mayor, I told Tristan to look around the village and see the condition of nearby farming fields. As a farmer in the past, he should have some understanding on what problems this settlement might have. At the same time, I looked around in the houses.

From our combined survey, it was pretty obvious, that village didnt suffer any major disasters. If I were to point out any particular problem with the village, Ill say it was mostly incompetence.

While we were busy, Mayor told the rest of the group teary tale of how they can't pay the taxes and that they wouldnt possibly survive if they paid them. He also tried to recruit them on a fools errand to look for some rare gems in the cemetery.

But not all of them were fooled ofc, Yurei was making Mayor quite nervous, asking him plenty of questions, concerning legal details about his village circumstances. Getting more and more frustrated, Mayor tried to hide a scroll from us, but Yurei noticed it and pointed it out to me. Not wasting any time, I grabbed the scroll from him.
I wouldnt bother to remember the legal terms here, but in short, the scumbag was avoiding taxes in all possible ways for quite some times now.

In the end, after few more pushes, mayor paid his dues, and we even gave the rest of the peasants few tips on how to improve their fields. If everything works out, they might replace mayor with somebody more competent in the future.

Sam and Winter tried to gather a group for treasure hunt in the cemetery, but I didnt approve of this. There was absolutely no need to risk out lives, after our job was already done. Especially with tax money on our hands. It is our duty to safely deliver gold back to the city, after all.

They didnt seem to have much luck too. Few minutes after me and Yurei finishing our report to the commander, and those "adventurers" show themselves in the room. Apparently, they had a revelation, that they have to make sure that we delivered the gold safely. Yeah. Sure. That was the reason, not them realising how stupid they would look, returning all dirty and empty handed.

Ignoring the problem with discipline, Commander have praised our actions, was even surprised by how much we surpassed his expectations. Good new start for us, thats for sure.

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Oh! My f*ing God! Pardon my French. - - - It was amazing there is so much material. Jerome's father might well be divine - making Jerome a Demi God - - - which explains why he can kill two men with a stone at age 8 and a dragon in later life. Sammantha might be divine (maybe the name is a clue) instead or as well as. Again demigod son. Also might explain why so many attempts on her fail. - - - - - - - SO many people want to influence Jermome - low lifes admittedly -- Winter gets the impression that administering the squad is his least impactful duty. - - - - SO FUTURE potential storylines about fathers interference and other gods for that matter4 - - - Ditto Sammantha kidnapping - Jermone kidnapping or other blackmail or influence -- - Jerome's other secret duties - - -- - Are you so sure the that that night guant wasn't asking where about Jerome. ------------------------------------------------------ Sammanth secretly wonderwoman ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and Yes no doubt you the Squad all thinks WInter is overacting again BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG, it could all be lies - about Jerome etc etc - but the Squad has seen Lady Snyder survial several attempts just on one night -- - and thats not a lie - - implying there is truth behind the rest
Winter wants to visit that shady tavern in the sewers and find out what she can about these actions against Lady Snyder and against Jerome - - - -- - - First of all - where they hired just for the night to impress us - Seems unlikely but if we rule that out - we will have to believe that twice a week might be accurate - - - - - Think about that for a while.

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Spoiler: show
Second day of Kythorn, Year xxxx+1.

More than a month has passed since my last entry. Days were mostly peaceful, just normal guard work, but, about a week ago, we have received a mission to investigate unusual occurrence. Peasants, travellers and traders were reporting bizarre monsters ambushing them on the road and slowly walking in their direction. Somehow, there were no victims yet, every last one of them managed to run away from the monster.

Later same day, after enough preparation, we managed to find and slay this beast. It didnt look very aggressive, and from what we understood from its gibberish, before fighting began, it was looking for something.

Honestly, battle with the beast was not that easy, even with perfect teamwork, and prepared beforehand silencing scrolls, we were all very exhausted after the battle. We barely managed to investigate and decapitate the corpse as a proof, when we heard another one nearby. Not wanting to risk it, we decided to return to Commander Snyder and report what happened. He was surprised that there were more beasts and postponed our next hunt until we can gather more intel on these monsters.

Week has passed and it has become apparent, that these monsters are everywhere, slaying one or two wont even make a difference, so Snyder has sent us on a mission to investigate whatever means we can find on dealing with said beasts. I decided to visit a local book shop, while Yurei went to check with her friends in temple.

In short, we found 2 leads on these monsters. First, I may have found a research on possible origin of these beasts in bloodsands. Author claimed, that there are legends of ancient civilization getting to proud and then cursed as punishment for it. Descriptions of said cursed victims were very alike to the night beasts we are investigating.

Yurei, on her side, has found, that this is not the first occurrence of these beasts, and that they were in the lands of trinity before, about two hundred years ago. Key factor in defeating them were weapons made of witherwood.

After talking it all out with the group, we decided to first tackle this legendary witherwood. If we have to encounter these beasts in bloodsands, it would be better to be prepared and have right weapons ready.

Sadly, there were no witherwood in trinity, only elves living nearby could help us in locating it. So we went to elves with hopes, that we can obtain the weapons we need.

Elves werent very cooperative, they first wanted our help in solving their orks problem. Nearby clan was training powerful warbeasts, and it was threatening to ruin the balance of power in their war with orks.

Cleaning the whole cave was not an easy work. Orks even had few ogres under them. On the positive side, Yurei now has a pet bear cub. It didnt look like it was trained yet, so she decided to keep it.

Anyway....after all that, instead of giving us witherwood weapons, or, at least witherwood itself...damned elves have given us SEEDS of witherwood tree. We need to plant it in the place of power they said. Sure...and I bet they would serve me barley in glass, if Ill ask for a beer in their tavern. Next time I would be more careful, when I negotiate with elves.

We are on the boat now, swimming to the bloodsands, to find the origin of these beasts, there was no time to look for places of power, so we hope to find something in bloodsands, while looking for ruins of nightbeast civilization.

My dreams, they have been more vivid lately, She seems to be very excited about something, She says that wheel of fate is turning, that something big might or might not happen. She says that I should be ready, more ready than ever.

On the other hand, I have began having different dreams recently. Dreams of different life. Life, where I had my own kingdom, but I was not satisfied with just having a kingdom, I wanted much more... I feel like I might have seen them before, but I forgot... Maybe ill remember more later.

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Post#28 » Sun Jun 16, 2019 11:55 am

Spoiler: show
Dorian diary, Last entry.

Finally! The fated day is nigh! I can feel my blood boiling just from thinking about it! Oh, how small my ambition was! A lord? Who needs that, when you can become a king? Maybe even an Emperor! Emperor Dorian does sound right...

She said, that this claw would give me the power of one of her champions! Becoming a King would be a trivial task with such power, she said...And it only would be a start!

I cannot fail this. I must obtain it at any cost. This is my day to prove myself once and for all!

Lets recollect myself and think of all that happened in the past week, that has led me to the discovery of the claw.

We have finally landed at bloodsands, not our first time here, almost half a year passed since our last visit. First thing we did is visit our friend, the blacksmith. He told us, that leadership has changed for the better and annoying woman was gone for good. He didnt know much about places of power or ruins in his lands, but he did point us to the suspicious pyramid in the region.

Sand storm was strong that day, we barely managed to find it. And upon walking closer, we noticed dragon silhouettes near the pyramid. And not just one, but two! We were a little taken aback from having to face such powerful guardians, because of the storm, we werent exactly able to perceive what kind of danger those dragons might be, Gron claimed, that they are just sand dragons, but we have fought before, but other members of the group was not so sure, I am even surprised he was able to recognise them at all! I barely spotted their silhouettes at all!

Anyway, while group was bickering whether we should risk it or not, tired of all the indecisiveness, I charged both dragons! It wasnt out of bravery, of course, I just put two and two together and realised, that those Must be sand dragons, no way somebody here had the power to control not just one, but Two dragons! On top of it, their silhouettes movements were familiarly rigid.

Honestly, after all the training and transformations I have been through, I didnt even need help to defeat those fake dragons. With their slow movement, I can easily predict and counter-attack every move they can make! They did help though, took them a solid half a minute to realise, that I wasnt vaporised in flames, but, instead, was easily handling two fake dragons at once. Gave them a courage to follow in my footsteps.

Thats how a true ruler shall be I imagine, inspiring his subjects to follow him. Just like in my dream. Wonder what She did to them, that they still keep me company? After what happened in the lords mansion, I was sure they would at least create some trouble for me, if I were in their shoes, I would have at least requested a transfer into another squad. But they acted as if nothing happened. It is really scary how She easily manipulated even annoying guy like Sam to keep his mouth shut and still aid me in combat.

Anyway, we defeated all the guardians and arrived to the deepest room in the pyramid. We have encountered a self proclaimed god there. Some abomination, created from one nation uniting all its souls into one being. Not really a god, but very close. Apparently, the night beasts, who were creating all the trouble for trinity, were empty husks of whats left of this civilization. Soulless malformed husks of what has been a great empire. They look for a way to fill the emptiness inside, but they would never be satisfied, for their souls are never going to return.

This being is the other side of the coin. Very self satisfied being, passive and ambitionless. It claims to understand something, that makes any action meaningless. Disgusting parody of the real thing, really. As if obeying some ancient rule, it answers questions of anyone, who asks him. Out of obligation, or out of boredom, who knows, it does not really matter.

It said, that husks trouble us, because unknown wizard has taken control of them somehow, he has visited this being before, and, as a result, he gained enough information to control the husks. He either promised them something, or maybe taken control of them differently, we dont know the answer to this question yet.

On the other hand, the being knew what Wizards true aim was! It was an ancient dragon claw in the city of Ur Draxa. Once he said it, it was as if thunder has struck inside of my head. I instantly knew, that I have to get my hands on it no matter what! She later confirmed it in my dreams. This claw must be what she has felt in my fate, something, that would finally give me power to get back what was rightfully mine to begin with! Wait, that can't be right? What is rightfully mine? I guess I do deserve greatness though. That must have been it. Better let it go, my head hurts for some reason.

What I was on about? The claw, I must get the claw! No matter what it takes!
Last entries seem to be more erratic and might have been last attempts of Dorian to organize the chaos in his head.
The dreams, they keep getting more real. Do I see them, or do I remember them?

I control a big kingdom in them, I am the king, but I also am not. They are just my pawns in some bigger scheme.

I ride alone against the army of aquatic creatures. They overwhelm me, but, suddenly, they all are so small and insignificant. I easily kill hundreds of them with my claws, blood is everywhere, but they still keep coming, like annoying insects, hurting me again and again, whittling my strength little by little.

I kill all of them, but my injuries are to great, my scales are all red and world is getting darker. as a last resort to save myself I cast some kind of spell and....

Another dream. I am the God now. Or almost the one. Just one step more and I would be one. There are already churches in my name everywhere. In this dream I try to propagate my followers

Another dream, I Am The True God. But I can still be stronger! I feel like there are pieces of me somewhere, once I obtain them, my divinity would be perfect! No one can stop me on my road to absolute power!

I won, but I lost.

I was reborn again, weak again. But still strong enough to extract my revenge!

Many more battles. victories, loses, Flyby like days, again and again. Imprisonment, long, cursed wyrm, trapped, helpless like a child, powers slowly draining away. Sudden salvation, sorceress, good, must reward.

King again. Traitors everywhere, can't trust anybody, but her. Must rule with iron fist. They would obey me, whether they like it or not!

My last battle, Cursed witch, how dare she betray me! She was the only one I trusted! Power draining away again. Darkness.

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Excerpts from the journal of Xandos Coldcreek. Pages are covered with ashes.

10-th day of Flamerule, Year xxxx+1.


I write this text at the burning field. I am surrounded by the burned corpses of my friends and family. Ash covers the skies and falls on the land like cursed rain.

I still can't shake the feeling of a nightmare. That it all must be a dream and I would wake up any moment. But no matter how hard I pinch myself...I can't wake up.


Me and my daughter Morgiana was scouting for the next contract for our band of mercenaries. We were very famous in the old days. Brotherhood of Griffon played a big role in the world politics of the, not so much, after Aoth taking his leave, and new officers not being able to live up to his legend, our, once famous, name was slowly losing its reputation. With less then average results of our previous contract, finding new contracts has been a hard task indeed.

But this time it was a success! And what success it was....We finally would get a good steady job protecting the city of Airspur! Younger brothers wouldnt like it ofc, they prefer an active service somewhere on the battlefield, where all the glory is...but at my age, with bones creaking after every rain...I would like a year of rest after all the battles we have been through. Maybe Morgiana would finally learn some manners too, growing in the camp full of crude mercenaries can't be good for her, at this rate, she would be a tombgirl for all her life. Maybe city life would bring some civilization into her.


Black skies above our camp instantly told me, that something is wrong. Wind was to afraid to tell me anything, earth was screaming in pain, and no water spirits were alive. We have run as fast as we could, but we have been to late.
In shock, we walked around the ashes, looking for survivors, or, at least, for some explanation...who...what...why?!!! We had no strong enemies these days, just give another hundred years and our band would probably disperse by itself anyway...What was the reason to employ so much power to extinguish us...

I found remains of our captain, barely recognized his melted armor. His pose was strange…Somebody dying from the fire shouldn’t have been lying like that. He was protecting something with his own body, something he didn’t want fire to destroy. It was a black box that Captain Aeron was keeping with himself. He used it to keep all the important documents inside. This way they wont be affected by the weather and our contracts would always stay in perfect condition.

Still dazed, I opened it. Inside was the last message from the captain:



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Journal of Xandos Coldcreek

17th day of Eleasis, Year xxxx+1.

Morgiana was fired from her new job. Again. Broken arm, three ribs and mental trauma for the rest of his life. Thats the price poor lad had to pay for Daring to suggest something less than appropriate to her. Owner of the establishment was horrified and I was told to never bring this "Little demon" here ever again. I have a feeling we wont be finding any respectable employment for her in this city too...

Now, about the matters of actual importance. Most rumours around Tchazzar's reappearance seem to be centering around Trinity. Something here must have been involved in his return somehow. Local guards seem to be hiring in their "special forces", maybe by joining them, I can acquire valuable Intel on the matter. I didnt register as myself ofc, wouldnt want to alert any local cultists to my presence here. Just in case, I put a name of one of my acquaintances from old days. Our first name is the same, and not many people know that he has joined the dead few years ago. He was a decent respectful mercenary. But luck was not on his side that day...

18th day of Eleasis, Year xxxx+1.

Today We have been accepted into this special unit. Yes, she too has registered for the job, against my wishes ofc. You can't blame old fool for wanting a safe life for his daughter, away from danger, normal life, not the one people like me had...But you have to be real too, she has way to much energy in her, and she has to spend it somewhere. I can only hope that she would survive long enough to actually understand the value of peaceful life. At least I can watch over her like this. So she wouldnt get into to much trouble.

Speaking about trouble... we indeed acquired a valuable Intell today. Apparently, our new unit consists of at least 2 knights, who have been personally involved with Tchazzars return. From what I have been able to pick up today, Tchazzar have been reborn through one of their old team members. I have yet to make sure if their involvement has been in assisting Tchazzars resurrection, or if they were just foolish enough to allow it.

30th day of Eleasis, Year xxxx+1.

From the two that I have seen on our journey, both of them seems to be on the...not so bright side...They are either extremely innocent...or just plain dumb. Morgiana said that I shouldnt judge them to harshly...but...but...They could have prevented it! Why didnt they? How could they have not seen it? How could you be so blind?

And not only that....They still dont realise the scale of the disaster their actions or inactions have invited into this world.

Our mission was to warn allied nations about this new threat. And what did they say in the first place we visited? "just some dragon. Nothing to worry about. Sign here that you have been warned".

They had 2 months to learn the extent of their mistakes, but they just didnt care. This is beyond innocence and right there in the camp of stupidity. "Oh, yes we did release a deadly plague on these lands, but thats just like a cold right? Those dead people would get better in a week or so, right?"

At least I do not feel like they are capable of being part of the cult. Even cultists have standards. Just two useful idiots dancing under the strings of the true mastermind.

Who is the mastermind though? Two months before they decided to warn their allies. And who they finally send? Two simpletons who are barely able to form a coherent sentence? This smells of the cult involvement. And at two places out of the three we had been attacked. Did someone just want to cut out all the unnecessary witnesses? Hired two sellswords to make it seem like not a suicide mission and good luck not dying?

I need to pay a close attention to the other 2 missing members of the team. Did they not join just because of the circumstances? Or did circumstances been arranged so they wouldnt get in danger? Is mastermind one of them? Is it Samar or that woman with intimidating name Winter? Or are they just servants of something bigger? How deep this cult has infested this city?

Second attack even had barbarians with red dragons painted on their low quality armour. They were extremely well prepared and knew exactly whom to attack. Ignoring all the guards at the gates trying to stop them, they ran right past guards and straight at us. Like they knew who they had to kill here. I dont remember how that battle ended, but none of my basic spells affected them and last thing I remember is the mace heading for my head, and me unable to dodge it.

When I woke up, Morgiana was crying over me, she thought I was dead. This is exactly why I dont want this life for her. Poor girl, when would you understand that price is way to high for joining this kind of trade...I had plenty of mortal friends in my days, none of them is alive today. Price is way to high. It leaves you empty inside.

I didnt expect myself to be so weak, I expected to lose some power, but not to such an extent. They brushed off my signature lightning attack like it was nothing... If only I had more time to befriend elements of this land. It takes time to make new friends, and farther away you are, the harder it is to find a common ground. I only have a fraction of my normal power here.

This land seems to be the right one to take root though. I need to take my time and gather power here. Tchazzar seem to center his new schemes around these lands, so these lands is where Ill stand my ground and thwart his evil plans, my ancestor did it in the past, and it seems to be my destiny to walk in her footsteps and stop him again.

I would need powerful allies though, even She didnt stop him alone, and I am only a pale shadow, compared to the power legends say she had. First things first, I have to find the parasites that hide in the bowels of trinity. Only once we find and expunge the cult, can we truly form a strong front against this menace.

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