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Spoiler: show
~~~Dream sequence engage~~~
You can see two figures near each other.

You recognise one of them as your companion, Dorian. He is kneeling and bowing his head. The back of his left hand is covered in shadow.

The other one seems to be...a woman? She is completely covered in shadow, but judging just by her figure, you can tell, that she must be very attractive. For a second shadow moves out of the way, and you can see her face for a single moment. Both her eyes and hair look as dark as you can imagine. You didnt even realise that this dark shade of black is possible, it is like looking into the abyss itself. And the face, you dont think you ever seen the face so beautiful. Moment passes and her face is covered in shadows forget whatever details you were able to pick up when you seen it. The only thing you remember is her dark eyes, hair and how enchanted you were by her beauty.

Once you were able to turn your eyes away from her face, you suddenly realise that two of them are talking with each other. But something is wrong with how you hear the woman, most of the woman words seem to be covered in static, you only able to recognise a few words from her part of the conversation.

-~Static~ disappointed ~Static~ - says the woman
-I am very sorry, My Queen. I didnt foresee that witch would betray me....
~~Static~ MY mighty Knight ~Static~ defeated ~Static~ mere Child?
-She is not a simple child, My Lady, she seems to be a powerful sorcerer of some kind! She never runs out of power and her magic reserve never depletes!
-~Static~no human ~Static~ defeating ~Static~ overestimated ~Static~
-No! My Queen, please, give me another chance! I wouldnt fail you again!
-Silence! The human ~Static~ weak. ~Static~ blood ~Static~ diluted ~Static~ force ~Static~ another!

The Woman figure grabs the shadow on the back of Dorians left hand and rips away half of it. A little shadow is now in her palm. She brings the palm closer to her lips and blows little shadow away. Instead of dispersing, It is now getting bigger and forms into the shape of the... You forgot it once you woke up. But you remember it being something strong.

When shadow grew as big as Dorians head, it started moving and landed on his shoulder. The shadow on the back of his hand started growing and expanding, it covered his whole hand, forearm, arm, and shoulder.

-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHh - You can remember Dorian screams. You are not sure how long it all was. A second? An Hour? Day? Time feels all wrong in this dream.

- ~Static~ Gift ~Static~ Razza ~Static~ wake up ~Static~ direction.

Shadow was still growing, but at a way slower pace, it was slowly taking over his neck and going upwards.

- ~Static~ child ~Static~ master ~Static~ blood!
-Yes...My Queen, I will prove, that I am...ah..huh...Deserve...your attention!
- ~Static~ deserve ~Static~ Champion ~Static~ wake up ~Static~ unstoppable!

~~~Dream sequence over~~~

Only Gron and Yurei were able to see this dream.

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Spoiler: show
4-th day of Alturiak. Year xxxx+1.
Letter from Dorian Redcliffe to the captain Gorges.

Just to prepare you captain, there are some bad news and some Good news, we managed to fend the troll's army off, but there were other problems with the mission.

Just as planned, we first started clearing the road to the cave, that would be a preferable habitat for the said army. It was not as easy as I would have expected, but after going through alot of healing potions, we finally cleared a way into the cave and ventured inside.

Inside of the cave we first had to deal with giant spiders, which was about of what I could have expected...but what we didnt expect was a fire elemental guarding the way up the stairs up to some kind of the evil wizards lair. At this point I would have turned around and went to some other, safer place to clean up, but suddenly entrance behind us was sealed shut with a reinforced iron door. We had no choice but to force our way through.

Fire elementals werent a big problem, but wizard himself....honestly...we were way out of his league, with just one spell he downed half of our party. Luckily, in the fight, we managed to break some kind of the seal, that was used to control all the fire elementals, after wizard has put us out of commission, his own elementals surrounded and killed the wizard.

All bloodied and barely able to walk, we crawled back to the village, but... to our surprise, stupid woman Leona managed to persuade some of her fellow villagers that we abandoned our duty and that they had to defeat troll and his army by themselves. Because of that, on our way to the village, we had to face a terrible tragedy... Every last one of Leona troops were dead and she herself was about to be eaten by the monstrous troll! Ofc, we ran as fast as we could and with the last tiny bit of my strength I faced the troll again, protecting the stupid woman from the certain death! Fooled by my bravery, troll decided that taking us on would be to risky in his injured condition, so, of course, he ran away.

Stupid woman, instead of saying thanks, mumbled, that we would pay for everything, and ran back to the village. We did whatever we could for the rest of her dying soldiers, but we only managed to save 2 people, the rest were injured beyond our healing many dead, and all because of this foolish woman...

Later we rested and finally confronted troll and his army. With a proper plan in motion, we faced him with all our might! Seeing, that loses would be to high on his armies front, Troll finally agreed to leave the village alone and live peacefully in the cave that we cleared.

I warned him, that if he ever returns, I would face him again, with even stronger troops behind me! I have seen true fear in his eyes after my fiery words. Chances of him returning are abysmally low now, he truly fears us.

But what awaited us next was a complete surprise...the foolish woman...she dared....she claimed that we protected the cursed troll! That we foiled her plan and that if it wasnt for us, she could have killed the troll herself! What a dishonourable lie she cooked.... And worst of it...she managed to fool every last person in the village! Apparently, she has some influence on the people there.

Honestly, I was enraged, this damned, ungrateful, stupid woman...she dared to throw mud on the reputation of her saviours! Ofc, I didnt let it just be. Using my amazing talents and eloquence, I told a great story of our adventure and how we saved the village from the troll. Only the most foolish of the villagers still trusted a woman after this. Most of the reasonable people in the village have sided with us, Including a very talented blacksmith, might I add! Sadly, she had to much of the influence on the stupidest of the peasants, we all know, most of the peasants are stupid as they can be. Tristan is a clear proof of it.

What I thought was cowardice in my previous report was actually something ridiculous, that I didnt even consider at first. Tristan and Sam...were persuaded by witch and Troll, that Troll and his army are peacefull!!!!!.... (text here seems to be a little unstable and not as straight as the rest)....hah....even writing this part without the laugh is hard. Troll persuaded them to not help their fellow comrades in the fight!!!!

But honestly, if only I could have had proper soldiers in my ranks, and not damn stupid peasants...At least Gron is a good to heart Soldier and knows how to differentiate between fellow comrades and monsters. With a bit more disciplined party, we could have avoided so many unnecessary sacrifices...And the guys Leona has lead to their certain death would still be with their families. Even thinking about it brings tears to my eyes...

In the end, I scrapped whatever I could from this shitty situation with my shitty troops. Village is saved, and about third of the villagers are grateful for it.

We would be on our way back to the trinity soon. Hope you would understand the situation and wouldnt blame me for this bungle.
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Spoiler: show
Entry #2

Well, it's been a while since I've last written anything so I should probably correct that. Our mission today was to go to a small desert village and aid them with a problem they were having with monsters. Specifically a Troll and a lot of Kobolds and Lizard men.

We went to the village and talked with a woman named Leona I think? Bah, she's not important what was is that the village seemed pretty quiet considering this roving band of monsters was supposed to be destroying the town? There were even a few guards patrolling the town while we were there. This Leona woman however said that the monsters must be destroyed and that the village was in great danger... What a joke. This town was in about as much danger as the Tin-Man having a heart.

Speaking of Dorian, I think he actually fits the scare crow better, if he only had a brain! Ha! Anyways, we decided to go into the desert near the town and see if we could find these critters. Sure enough a big two-headed troll came over to talk to us. Yes... talk. So as Samar, myself, and the little one listened to the troll and were intent on finding out what was going on, the Scare Crow snuck behind it and attacked from behind! What an honor less coward!

After the Troll beat the crap out of him, which was extremely funny to watch, we finally understood that the troll and his little pals were simply looking for a place to live and didn't want to hurt anyone. So, I suggested the caves near by. I'd been in this area before luckily in my wanderings. Anyways, we made a deal with the Troll that we'd find him a good cave and that he and all his friends could live there and not bother anyone, and not be bothered by anyone either. Sounded good to me.

So, we set off to explore the next area and the caves within. It was rough going at first. We weren't expecting rock elementals or giant beetles and giant cats to attack us at every turn. But, after we killed off several of each of them they backed off. Especially when we killed a sand dragon! Boy we should have looked for it's hoard of gold! Ah well, next time I suppose. We finally found a cave that we thought would be big enough for all the critters needs. All that was left was to secure it.

This also proved more difficult than originally thought, as there were some sort of fire elementals in the caves besides all the normal critters! I was scouting ahead when I spotted the first one and ran back to immediately tell my companions. Luckily we were able to best the beast... er, elemental. We pressed deeper and deeper into the cave. Finally there was some strange room in the far back end of the cave.

In this room was some sort of, magic using being. He claimed that the cave was his and that no one else could have it or share it. Needless to say talking to this one didn't yield any results that we wanted. After a few minutes the door behind us shut and was magically sealed! A trap! We fought the magical man but to no avail. A few of us were knocked out by magic and then I was hit by some sort of spell, and really that's all I remember, but the Little One filled me in on the rest.

There was some sort of magical seal/ball looking thing she recognized on a stone bench. So she hit it a few times with her magic and then the Sam started attacking it. Apparently it what he was using to control all those fire elementals and more. This would be his undoing, for as the seal was broken the fire elementals decided now would be a good time to kill the man holding them all captive. Thus ended the cleansing of the caves. We went back to talk to the Troll and tell him the good news!

As we found the Troll he was hurt and pinned to the ground with Leona standing over him with a vial of acid in her hands. We had to act quickly and ran to the Troll's aid! A quarrel ensued with Leona and our party and in the end she ran off but not before the Troll was freed and he ran off. We searched for the Troll, and that's when we noticed all the bodies of men, Kobolds, and Lizard Men as well. Apparently this woman decided to attack the Troll and his friends before we could come back and deliver the good news to him! What trechary is this?!

Now the lady ran back to town and started telling folks all sorts of wild tales about us while we were telling the poor Troll the good news about the caves. Not that he needs such a large cave now that most of his friends are dead except two Kobolds I believe. What a tragedy this turned out to be. And the foolish women was to blame for all this loss of life. I think even the Tin-Man was upset by this, and he doesn't even have a heart!

I shall leave off here to think on all that has happened and reflect.

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Spoiler: show
My clothes are ruined, and now I no longer have spares... I have to use my tenday best and they're already covered in his blood. I don't know why I'm even doing this... He's just another person like back then. Part of a lynch mob out to destroy the innocent!

*Yurei scowls at the fireplace where the water is boiling, The small village cottage is homey, though lacking in many rich furnishings. However you look at it though its still far better accomodation than that which she shares with her sister in the slums. If feels... welcoming. Lost in her brooding she is startled when a hand tugs on her blouse*

"Is Papa going to be okey?"

Oh... right... that's why. She'll just end up like Anita and I. Stop scowling at the tiny village girl you idiot, you're scaring her! Thats it, smile and nudge! Lie like Red is doing in town right now... I'd stop him but whats the point. If it lowers their opinion of the lynchmaster maybe Ted and the villgers wont end up corpses like back then. Thats it, you know the drill... spike that shadow, twist that thread of the weave, make them see the smile and not the scars... that's it... just as Youfu taught us...

*Yurei smiles and soothingly pats the small girl's head reasuringly, as she takes the clean towels the girl brought and lifts the boiling kettle off the fire, pretending to need one to hold the handle*

"Is what the man in town saying true? But Leona said that..." the mother asks as I move to their shared bedroom. "Oh I'm sorry, I forgot you don't speak!" she states as she covers her mouth aghast.

Its probably best if I get our side accross sooner than later... And this family's word will count for a lot more than Red's I think.

*Yurei just smiles at her, and after filling the basin with hot water and before sterilising her hands she writes a note in simple, precise and neatly written common.*

"Its ok, goodwife. I apologise for the inconvenience of my condition and I'm grateful for your consideration. Pay it no mind. In truth... not really. Serr 'Red' is... big on hyperbolie so he's, shall we say, altered his own importance. That said the essence of what he says is absolutlely true. This is all that idiots fault. She's a bigot. Aparently I'm a monster too if you ask her. Yes the refugees next to you were not human, and yes they took firewood when they were refused aid so they didnt die of exposure. However in their theft... was anyone hurt? No. Did they attack first yesterday? No. Did your husband, and all those other men *neat strike through* Sorry did those other men have to die? No.

We were sent as the legal representatives of Trinity guard to mediate and assess the situation, if it had warranted combat do you not think they would have sent a whole squad of armsmen? Also even if we had failed or died, you all still should not have done anything like that, as reinforcement would have immediately been sent from Trinity's nearest garrison as soon as we failed to report in. That is noblesse oblige, and your only responsibility as a tax paying vassel is to defend your own home and walls unless called to arms for war, not to attack without the support of the millitia or army.

I managed to stabilise your husband's wounds last night with what was left of my dress as bandages and once I clean the cuts I'll rebind him with these cloths you have provided. Its my hope that this will prevent infection, combined with what herbs and magiks your healer can provide. Could you cut them into neat strips for me while I sterilise my hands and then place them in the boiling water. Careful not to burn yourself, its still bubbling. Maybe ask the little one to wait for the healer, maybe make some tea if she's big enough to handle the kettle now? I'm sure the healer would like some when she's done here. It may keep her distracted and not worry."

*when Yurei finishes her rapid writing and places the note on the bedside table, she plunges her hands with rolled up sleves in the still bubbling water, much to the womans shock. After sitting on the nearby chair to read the note carefully, the woman looks up curious, then quickly talks queitly to the anxious child. Filling a second basin with hot and cold water, she begins to cut the cloth into neat strips with her maiden knife as the child following instruction carefully takes what is left of the hot water back to the main room to make tea. They work in silence, the woman lifting and moving her husband and removing the mans crude, red velvet bindings now soaked with blood, as Yurei replaces them with propper linen bandages, binding them as she was taught to by the Nuns.

Once the healer arrives and takes over attending to the man, the wife draws Yurei discretely to the side.*

"You seemed angry, and scoweld a lot while you tended the fool of a man my husband is. You didn't really want to help him did you... why is that?"

*Yurei looks out the open window*

How can I tell her?
But how can I not?
History repeats if you don't break the cycle...
I dont want to talk about it beacause time does not heal all wounds, there are those that remain painfully open...
But what if it just refuels the hate if she knows what I am and cant accept it?
What hurts the victim most is not the cruelty of the oppressor but the silence of the bystander...

But really... what have you got to loose? At least i still have Anita, thanks to Youfu.

*Reluctantly she pulls out one of her few reamining parchment sheets, and begins to write*

"I watched my mother burn alive when I was about your daughter's age. My mother was, attacked by an evil man. One who was not fully human. But mamma always loved my sister and I, and never blamed us for his vile acts. But the others in town... they never saw us like our mom, only like him. They hated us just because we were different, and eventually... they started to hate mamma too because she always accepted us. Shortly after our fifth winter a famine struck our village. A man, who was spurned by mamma for being mean to us riled up a lynch mob agains the 'devil spawn and her witch mother'. I awoke that night coughing smoke, My lungs and throat were soon in agonizing pain and all I could hear over the roaring was mamma's screams as I saw her face melt right in front of me *the ink around this point becomes smudged by water drop stains* I couldnt get to her becuse a roof beam had fallen on the shared bed on our side of the hut. I was pinned under the matress the beam was holding down. When I could move because the straw matress had finally burnt through I tried to find my sister. Her arm was gone, crushed by the same beam, and she was unconcious from shock and so I grabbed her other hand and pulled her out the burning hole in the back wall. I kept dragging her into the fel-wood, further and further, as the mob eventually found the blood trail and gave chase, though they lost us in the dark and thick foliage. When they eventually found us... well... If the wandering sorcerer hadn't found us too from the house fire and commotion we'd be with mamma now.

I don't like lynch mobs.
I don't like people who treat any peacful creature ill when they have commited no serious crime.
I particularly don't like them who do so just because of their species, igoring how they behave.
This mob was pointless. It was never needed. Everyone died because the followed a bigot. Again.

Ironicly, I kind of wish Serr 'Red' would learn this too... I guess we both have problems. But your little one deserves a loving family. I just miss mine."

*she listlessly passes it backwards with one hand and just keeps staring out the window. She does not expect the hug that smothers her from behind, or the hand that musses her hair round her horn nubs.*

"Thankyou for saving my fool husband. I'll have words for him when he wakes, you mark my words. You're a wonderful child, your mother would be proud."

*Yurei just stands there in numb shock, disturbed when the healer walks in and the goodwife asks her to watch her daughter for her for a bit as she has some people she needs to talk to today. When Yurei eventually leaves town later that day she briefly spies the same goodwife with a small crowd of womenfolk and supporters speaking to Samar, possibly thanking him maybe as the woman passes him a letter, who knows?*

((this 'letter' is the second yellow paragraph written above))

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