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EK Builds

Post#1 » Fri May 17, 2019 2:53 pm

OK team - I have several EK options below. I am torn between keeping full caster level vs. keeping a decent BAB. I am also torn between melee and ranged.

Part of me wants to grab a big sword and phantom warrior from mob to mob. Part of me wants to lay clouds on myself and unleash arrows and draw agro to me. I dunno. But a few ideas to peruse at your leisure.

Sorc 6 / EK 20 / Fighter 13 / Cleric 1
Ranged - sling + shield or longbow
Elusive Archery
Only CL 30 but BAB 36

Sorc 12 / EK 24 / BG 3 / Barb 1
Full caster, mediocre BAB of 34
BG brings EDM, Aura, and CHA to saves
Can get armor skin line and full autoquicken with EK bonus feats

Sorc 15 / EK 24 / Cler 1
A caster with weak melee capabilities
STR based - how bad will AC be?
Quake shock
Divine shield
I don’t know if I should just monkey grip falchion + tower shield or what direction to go. Could grab fighter or barb lvl at 20 for either tower or start armor skin line

Wiz 15 / EK 20 / Swash 5
Gnome monkey gripping rapiers with PTWF amulet - be afraid, be very afraid
Only BAB 32
CL 39 with practiced
Insightful Strike + Combat insight
Autoquicken 9

Wiz 5 / EK 12 / Swift 10 / Fight 13
37 BAB
Epic Weapon focus / specialization
No Epic casting feats
Caster lvl 27 with practiced
Undispellable 50% concealment / haste
Uncanny dodge
Qualifies to wear both EK and Fighter sets

Wiz 9 / EK 26 / Swash 3 / COTW 2
Another melee-heavy EK variant, PTWF with Insightful strike + combat insight + elegant strike
Missing 5 bonus EK feats - those will net Autoquicken up to 8
BAB 35
Does not obtain Epic casting feats

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Re: EK Builds

Post#2 » Sat May 18, 2019 7:30 am

I still haven't figured out how to blend both weapon use and spellcasting styles for EKs in a manner that doesn't significantly compromise performance in either. I think it's very hard to play an EK as an effective hybrid caster/weapon user for 3 reasons:

1) To have significant offensive spellcasting capability, Autoquickens and the 3 Epic Purist feats are pretty much a must-have. This entails a commitment of 13 feats, leaving precious little for combat feats. It also entails committing at least 15 base levels into Sorcerer or Wizard, which lays havoc on your basal BAB and severely limits the number of EK bonus feats you can get - as they only kick in at 18 EK levels.

2) Tenser's is extremely powerful, and is one of the only reasons an EK isn't left in the dust behind a Divine or purist melee type. Unfortunately, having the spell up locks you out of casting. Without the buff, you're a weak weapon user with mediocre AB/AC. With the buff, you are solid, but play like a non-caster.

3) You can't spellcast and melee at the same time. In any given round, you can either cast one (or two with quicken) spells, or attack with a weapon - not both. Splitting feats between weapon use and spellcasting means you do both in a half-assed fashion, and underperform vs either a dedicated caster or weapon focused EK build.

A FS is typically much better suited for a weapon user/caster hybrid, as they get a huge number of bonus feats, their AB buffs are more solid, and Divine Power does not inhibit casting. Their set giving 10 extra caster levels on Hammer of the Gods is great too (Searing Light is really weak even with the CL boost).

I have 2 EKs at the moment.

One is a pure caster - Sorc15/EK24/Cleric1 who uses AQ9, all 3 purist feats and a Mastery III Mirror Golem. Plays no different from a regular arcane, but traded in some bonus feats for extra HP and use of the EK robe (which is really good).

The other is a pure melee - Sorc7/Cleric1/Bard2/EK30 who uses a Doubleaxe with a PTWF crook. Playstyle is to buff up, summon Mirror Golem, Tenser's, then forget that I know how to spellcast and simply bash things. 7th Sorc level is taken as Epic for Epic Warding. Arcane defensive buffs compensate very well for low AC, and damage output is respectable given EDM and Bard cheese for DMG/AB respectively.

Unfortunately, nwn2DB has not been updated for ROT, and the bonus feat EKs get every 2 levels after 18 cannot be shown. This makes it pretty much impossible to post those 2 builds there.

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Re: EK Builds

Post#3 » Tue May 21, 2019 11:20 am

Yeah ... I understand and agree with all those points kc - and thank you for your insights.

I think for now I am going to start leveling one just as an EK/sorc with a shield /sling to get experience gathered up.

I am assuming your double-axe build uses DM generated double axe with Sorc spells on it?

I laid out possible feats / combinations that I assume you may have in yours below.

Sorc 7 / EK 30 / Cler 1 / Bard 2
Race: Yuan-ti
Stats with EasyMode:
Start Final
Str 16 32 +5 ER1, +5 ER 2 (+6 levelups)
Dex 17 22 +1 ER 4 (4 levelups)
Con 12 12
Int 10 10
Wis 8 8
Cha 13 32 +5 Easy, +5 ER 3, +4 ER 4

Cleric domains: War, Air (Or Earth ?)
Feats (24):
Luck of Heroes vs. Artist
Power Attack
Divine Might
Divine Shield
Weapon Prof Exotic
Weapon Prof Double Weapons
Two Weapon Fighting
Two weapon Defense
Improved Two Weapon Defense
Greater Two Weapon Defense
Armor skin I
Armor skin II
Armor skin III
Epic Warding
Epic Divine Might
Epic Prowess
Steadfast Determination
-------> 18 feats, 5 Remaining

? Possibilities
Golem Mastery I
Golem Mastery II
Mirror Golem
Spell focus Abjuration
Song of the Heart
Epic Inspire

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Re: EK Builds

Post#4 » Tue May 21, 2019 11:22 am

I threw it in NWN2DB but as you said - it's missing all later EK feats


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Re: EK Builds

Post#5 » Tue May 21, 2019 12:05 pm

Somewhat close, but Double Weapons do not use the TWF or TWD line. With the Crookweave, all you need are Shield Skin and the Double Weapon proficiency feats to use a Double Weapon. You can safely drop all TWF and TWD feats and start with 8 or 10 Dex. I took Con as my Tertiary stat for more HP.

Epic Abjuration Focus is a must have to keep Warding up. Golem Mastery III is good too. I remember the build has somewhat low AC however.

As an alternative, you could use a similar class split to build a Axethrower/Slingshot EK based on EDM Dex/Cha. This will have much higher AC alongside significant Arcane defenses. Playstyle is like a ranger - long ranged shooter with pet, but with far better defenses and an actually useful companion at max level.

I took Air and War domains IIRC. Uncanny is important, and the Holy Warrior ability (Clicky feat) is actually usable by a Sorc EK if they take the Power Word spell. War Domain yields Martial Weapons for accessing the EK class too.

One other thing to consider is between Sorc7/EK30/Cleric1/Bard2 and Sorc7/EK31/Cleric1/Bard1. The 2nd build looks counterintuitive, but yields a CL51 golem - the threshold where their weapon goes from 4×4d12 to 4×5d12 - a huge boost alongside a marginal toughness boost. This is due to the golem overscaling with practiced caster for some weird reason.

The tradeoff is Bardsong capping off at +4 instead of +6. You can still access Battle Dancer through cheesing an Artist and an Extra Music item, as the feat checks for bardsong/day instead of Bard level as a pre req.

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Re: EK Builds

Post#6 » Tue May 21, 2019 12:41 pm

kc - you da man.

I got the EK set put together so I am itching to try this guy out.

I am gonna finish leveling my current arcane and move on to this guy.

I may bug you with a few more questions - your depth of building knowledge is unmatched and I appreciate your time in helping me sort it out

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Re: EK Builds

Post#7 » Wed May 22, 2019 10:46 am

No problem!

Tried to make the Axethrower on DB. Seems workable, and can be customized to fit your taste.


finne laame
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Re: EK Builds

Post#8 » Mon Jun 29, 2020 12:10 pm

i have started a ek toons
so for the moments is wiz 5 ek 22 swiftblade 3
will see later if on harder place he will be still ok in fight and in spell.... but at the moment work good....

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