A RoT Character Building Primer Series: Uncanny Dodge

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A RoT Character Building Primer Series: Uncanny Dodge

Post#1 » Wed May 02, 2018 10:57 am

Background: Uncanny Dodge works as intended in Realms of Trinity, which means a character retains his or her Dexterity modifier to AC when caught flat-footed or attacked by a hidden or invisible creature. Additionally, since the Dodge bonus is negated in conditions when the Dexterity modifier is denied, Uncanny Dodge effectively preserves Dodge bonuses when flat-footed as well.* Essentially, it could save up to 40 AC (+20 DEX modifier and +20 Dodge bonuses). In the latter part of Campaign 2, Campaign 3, and all “end-game” content, many players consider Uncanny Dodge as indispensable to retain as much AC as possible when a character is flat-footed.

* Summarized from the RoT Wiki:
Dodge Bonuses: Some other AC bonuses represent actively avoiding blows. These bonuses are called dodge bonuses. Any situation that denies a Dexterity bonus also denies Dodge bonuses. (Wearing armor, however, does not limit these bonuses the way it limits a Dexterity bonus to AC.) Unlike most sorts of bonuses, dodge bonuses stack with each other.
Loss of Dexterity and Dodge Bonuses: Whenever a character is flat-footed, she loses any applicable dexterity and dodge bonuses. Characters which are stunned, asleep or paralyzed, or else not actively engaged in combat are considered flat-footed. Some feats, such as Uncanny Dodge, will allow a character to retain Dexterity bonuses to armor class if the character is caught flat-footed.

Note: resistance and immunity to Stun, Sleep and Paralysis spells and effects are very desirable too, but these are relatively easy to acquire through spells and magic items as you progress through the campaigns, and can be gained through race and class attributes, as well.

Feat Description:
Uncanny Dodge

Type of Feat: Class
Prerequisite: Barbarian level 2, Cleric with the Air Domain, Rogue level 4, Scout level 2, Assassin level 2, Avenger level 2, Dwarven Defender level 2, Fist of the Forest level 2, Sacred Fist level 6, Shadowdancer level 2, Shadow Thief of Amn level 2 Guild Thief level 2, Swiftblade level 7; Swashbuckler 15 (RoT Custom Class Mod).
Specifics: The character retains his Dexterity bonus to AC, even if caught flat-footed or attacked by a hidden or invisible creature.
Use: Automatic.

Class Analysis and Comparison: What follows is a brief list detailing the requirements a build must meet to take the Uncanny Dodge feat-granting class, and the class-level at which the feat is acquired.

Base Classes:

Barbarian 2 – Alignment Restrictions: must be non-lawful alignment

Cleric 1 – Requirements: must choose Air Domain

Druid 3 – Alignment Restrictions: any neutral; Wisdom 14 (including item ability bonus); must memorize 2nd level spell Wild Instincts (see spell information below).

Ranger 12 (technically 11 with WIS 16) – Requirements: Wisdom 16 (including item ability bonus); must memorize 3rd level spell Wild Instincts (see spell information below).

Rogue 4 – Requirements: None

Scout 2 - Requirements: None

Spirit Shaman 4 – Requirements: Wisdom 14 (including item ability bonus); must select 2nd level spell Wild Instincts (see spell information below).

Swashbuckler 15 - Requirements: None (RoT Custom Class Mod)

Prestige Classes:

Assassin 2 – Requirements: Skills: Hide 8 ranks, Move Silently 8 ranks.

Avenger 2 – Requirements: Alignment: any non-chaotic; Skills: Hide 8 ranks, Move Silently 8 ranks.

Dwarven Defender 2 – Requirements: Race: Dwarf; Alignment: Any lawful; Base Attack Bonus: +7; Feats: Dodge, Toughness.

Fist of the Forest 2 - Requirements: Base Attack Bonus +4; Feats: Great Fortitude, Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack; Skills: Survival 4.

Guild Thief 2 – Requirements: Feats: Stealthy; Skills: Bluff 3 ranks, Hide 8 ranks, Intimidate 3 ranks, Move Silently 3 ranks.

Sacred Fist 6 – Requirements: Base Attack Bonus: +4; Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Combat Casting; Skills: Lore 8 ranks; Spellcasting: Ability to cast 1st level divine spells.

Shadowdancer 2 – Requirements: Class: may not have any Child of Night levels; Feats: Dodge, Mobility; Skills: Move Silently 8 ranks, Hide 10 ranks, Tumble 5 ranks.

Swiftblade 7 - Requirements: Feats: Dodge, Mobility; Weapon Proficiency: Bard, Elf, Grey Orc, or Martial;
Base Attack Bonus: +3; Skills: Concentration 6, Spellcraft 6; Spellcasting: Able to cast 3rd level Arcane spells; Spell Known: Haste


Wild Instincts (Spell):
KPRC / ROT Customized
Caster Level(s): Druid 2, Ranger 3
Innate Level: 2
School: Divination
Component(s): Verbal, Somatic
Range: Personal
Area of Effect / Target: You
Duration: 1 minute/level
Save: None
Spell Resistance: No

You gain a +10 Insight bonus on Listen and Spot checks. In addition, you retain your Dexterity bonus to AC even if Flat-Footed and/or attacked by an unseen opponent (granted Uncanny Dodge feat).

Magic Items:

Esoteric Colure (Daggerspell Mage Set ring): Use Limitation: Class Daggerspell Mage; Level Limitation: Requires 10 class levels of Daggerspell Mage to equip; Bonus Feat: Uncanny Dodge.

Wands or Sequencers could be made to cast the Wild Instincts spell, but their duration would be limited to a few game minutes due to items' limited caster levels. (Edit: As a KPRC spell, Wild Instincts cannot be added to wands/sequencers. Thanks kc23435 for catching this error!)

(I vaguely recall a special guild item that may have granted the Uncanny Dodge feat… I will edit this if I find more information.)
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Re: A RoT Character Building Primer Series: Uncanny Dodge

Post#2 » Wed May 02, 2018 6:35 pm

Thank you for the guides!

They should be stickies somewhere.

Minor addon: Swiftblade 7 and the daggerspell ring also grant Uncanny.

Wild Instincts is a KPRC spell, and should not work in wands/sequencers.

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Re: A RoT Character Building Primer Series: Uncanny Dodge

Post#3 » Wed May 02, 2018 8:30 pm

Thanks KC!

I edited the original post to include the information you provided.

I actually have a Sorcerer/Swiftblade toon and didn't notice that the feat description I copied from the RoT Content Library didn't include the class (I did catch the "Shadow Thief of Amn" error, though!). Similarly, despite the Wild Instincts description overtly stating it was a KPRC/ROT Customized spell, I didn't remember that items can't store those kinds of spells.

As I said, I'm no expert so I'm very receptive to inputs and corrections to these articles. I especially don't want to publish erroneous information intended for novice and new players to RoT.
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Re: A RoT Character Building Primer Series: Uncanny Dodge

Post#4 » Sun May 06, 2018 12:41 am

EDIT: Missed another one!

Added the PrC Fist of the Forest to the original post of classes that get Uncanny Dodge.

EDIT 2: And another one!! :oops:

Added the base class Scout to the original post.
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Re: A RoT Character Building Primer Series: Uncanny Dodge

Post#5 » Sun May 06, 2018 5:40 am

Thanks for the Guide!
Great Work!

Whats with Avenger?

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Re: A RoT Character Building Primer Series: Uncanny Dodge

Post#6 » Sun May 06, 2018 7:09 am

You're right, Fraggle! Avenger belongs here, too. Original post edited yet again!
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Re: A RoT Character Building Primer Series: Uncanny Dodge

Post#7 » Sun Jul 22, 2018 1:00 am


The original post has been edited due to the recent RoT custom modifications to the Swashbuckler class.

According to the RoT Content Library:
- Uncanny Dodge: At 15th level, a Swashbuckler gains Uncanny Dodge as a bonus feat.

This information is included in the updated Swashbuckler class description accessed via the "Classes" tab in the RoT Content Library.
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