Warlock 101

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Warlock 101

Post#1 » Wed Apr 10, 2013 3:05 pm

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Recommended Invocations

Least - Dark One's Own Luck; Eldritch Spear; Eldritch Glaive

Lesser - Eldritch Chain; Hellrime Blast or Beshadowed Blast*; Ignore the Pyre

Greater - Tenacious Plague; Chilling Tentacles; Vitriolic Blast

Dark - Eldritch Doom; Retributive Invisibility; Dark Premonition

*Hellrime deals cold damage. So if you're going against a fire sub-type you're effectively dealing 50% more damage. There are quite a few fire sub-types on RoT.

Beshadowed is a blind effect blast, and isn't considered a mind effect. There are a lot of enemies immune to mind effects on RoT, and most "debuffs" that warlocks have a mind effects.

Original Post:
AGhost_7 wrote:http://nwn2db.com/build/?140701

So I was thinking of making a warlock once the new patch is out but I've never really tried a warlock on RoT - or at least not extensively enough after the new changes where made to the spells.

Any recommendations on this build is welcomed. I'd also like to know about anyone's experiences with Warlocks on RoT(tips, tricks, invocation choices, and so on). I'm going pure DC based, so keep that in mind when you make recommendations. If you think that its a bad idea to go pure DC, let me know; and let me know why ;)

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Re: Warlock 101

Post#2 » Wed Apr 10, 2013 3:40 pm

Feels odd giving YOU advice... lol. But I tried to play a warlock recently on Cormyr.

It was also my first warlock, but I'm willing to tell you what I have learned.

I think that you are right about going after the DC, but don't forget the ranged touch attack.
I went after DC improvements only and then realized that it didn't do any good if I couldn't hit them... lol. :D

So, there's that.
Also, I found that they seem to work like Sorcerer/Archers and work best ranged. I found mine squishy when it got into Melee.

The Spear shape is essential, pick that up right off the bat.
I know it's all beginner advice, but I hope it helps some.
Best of Luck to you!

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Re: Warlock 101

Post#3 » Wed Apr 10, 2013 11:23 pm

Before you start your lock you should check this guy out.
Not my build but I have had my eye on it for a while. I think I am going to throw it together at some point.

Crithead wrote:14d6 (12d6 base + 2d6 Practiced Invoker) + 5d6 Epic Eldritch Blast = 19d6

19d6 x1.5 Eldritch Master = 28.5d6 (yes it actually works like that)

Maximized 28.5d6 Eldritch Blast = 171 damage

171 x1.5 Empowered Eldritch Blast = 256 damage

256 x4 Eldritch Glaive attacks = up to 1,024 damage instantly in a single round

Just to give you an idea of what it can do.

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Re: Warlock 101

Post#4 » Thu Apr 11, 2013 12:21 pm

Yea I know about this build actually... The thing is that you get half damage now if you have HiPS on your warlock. It's a mod that kaedrin did to balance things, and it is in effect. Another thing to consider when building a cleric warlock though would be to think about using finesse. I'm pretty sure it works with glaive now, because at the time the build was made it didn't.

I'm looking for DC's though, and not necessarily pure DC based.

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Re: Warlock 101

Post#5 » Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:06 pm

I think I'll opt for this instead:


If I ever get sick of it I can turn it into a sorc LOL

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Re: Warlock 101

Post#6 » Thu Apr 18, 2013 9:56 am

Adding this since it's good info:

10 [Base] + 3 [Epic Caster] + 2 [Master of All Essences] + 2 [Invocation Focus] + 1 [Spellcasting Prodigy] + 4 [Relative Bonus; Imp. Despair Aura] + 20 [MAX CHA]

= 42

42 + 10* [RoT Warlock Levels Bonus] + 12 [Warlock ER Bonus] + 3 [ Epic Confluence]

= 67 + the innate Spell Level of the Essence/Shape.

*if you take BG 3, the highest bonus you could get is + 10


v1.41.1 changes:

Kaedrin wrote:Warlock caster level cannot exceed 31.

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Re: Warlock 101

Post#7 » Tue May 14, 2013 3:33 pm

Finally found the warlock chain! Btw, what do you guys think of my invocation choices?

Luck; Spear; Glaive

Beshadowed; Ignore the Pyre; Hellrhime

Vitriolic; Chain; Tentacles

Doom; Invis; Foresight

Molag? Whats your opinion on this? Anyone?

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Re: Warlock 101

Post#8 » Tue May 14, 2013 5:43 pm

AGhost_7 wrote:Molag? Whats your opinion on this? Anyone?

I'm assuming that you are releveling your sorcerer, and that he is ER1 or above? If so, you might want to consider these invocations:

Least: Glaive, Luck, Spear
Lesser: Chain, Hellprime, Pyre
Greater: Plague, Tentacles, Vitriolic
Dark: Doom, Invis, Premonition

The DR from Premonition scales nicely with ER's, so unless you are running into a lot of problems from being sneak attacked, I would pick it over Foresight. Plague is a really nice single target invocation, especially if SR or elemental DR is an issue.

I left in Pyre because you probably won't have much elemental DR if you plan to wear that warlock chain shirt. At least you can pick one elemental to have a bit of DR against. Just be careful when you head to 2.9 and 2.10, as you're probably used to having 100% immunity to all elements!

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Re: Warlock 101

Post#9 » Tue May 14, 2013 6:14 pm

Yea, my sorc was designed to be releveled into a warlock to prevent me from getting bored LOL... I got the idea from Icarus(brilliant idea!).

Looks like I had a few invocation wrong. Thanks for clarifying that. Beshadowed isn't worth it I guess?

Molag_Bal wrote: as you're probably used to having 100% immunity to all elements!

Actually, no lol. I have some special gear for that :) I solo with my archer all the time. Spinach wasn't designed for that area either, so he doesn't go there.

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Re: Warlock 101

Post#10 » Wed May 15, 2013 3:16 pm

Hey MadMage, I hope you're getting all of this LOL

Seriously though, did you ever try beshadowed blast? I don't recall for sure, but I'm almost 100% positive that it works even on mind-effect immunes. Blindness is extremely useful btw.

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