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favored soul set

Post#1 » Sun Oct 11, 2020 6:44 pm

by reading the content of the set of favored soul, i realise there is 2 times same feat bonus: true seeing
1 time on the helmet 1 time on the amulet
thats useless
may be we can fix that by changing and put another feat or permanent spell ( i tought immunity to silence but already in at rank 5 so may change by all school focus at rank 5)
another thing....
that great to get spell penetration and greater spell penetration on the belt, but as soon as we gonna need to take the epic spell penetration we would need to take 2 feats anyway.... so it become useless bonus....(in that case its different, as we can do without ESP)
may be giving a bonus to spell penetration ? like +2 / +4 bonus (stacking) so its bonus on the ability so may need to take the feat to make the bonus working...

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