Proposed Change - Arcane Golems

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Tom D
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Re: Proposed Change - Arcane Golems

Post#21 » Fri Mar 22, 2019 10:27 am


I was reading through this and discord and wanted to go back to your original problem statement: "We noticed that most players set their Mithral Golems on 'stand ground' so that they just wait at the map entrance and soak up damage. That was not intended when we introduced the Golems and makes them much stronger then they are supposed to be because they don't take direct combat damage."

If the issue is that they are too strong when parked, what about just reducing the overall HP of the golem or just removing the "stand your ground" option? This would probably prevent people from summoning them in groups as well as a courtesy.

The golems are cool and unique to ROT as far as I know, and I would hate to lose them altogether. A 1 or 2 person party does get value from the golem and makes for fun play.

Just another data point to consider. Will support whatever the team decides.

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Re: Proposed Change - Arcane Golems

Post#22 » Sat Mar 23, 2019 5:19 am

Hm, maybe I go a different route then.

We could replace the Mithral Golem with a damage shield like described and redesign the Mirror Golem so that he becomes an useful summon. That way players have the choice which route they want to go.

I'll see if I can hook into the AI of the Golem.

Edit: Please feel free to keep the ideas and feedback flowing though.

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Re: Proposed Change - Arcane Golems

Post#23 » Sat Mar 23, 2019 10:11 am

Ok, my current plan is to replace the Mithral Golem with a new Epic Spell called "Epic Warding". So different to the current situation the feat becomes an epic feat. Epic Warding summons a shield around the caster which absorbs 30% of all incoming damage. The shield blocks the slot for summoned creatures and is listed with it's own health bar in the casters group. The shield gets 50 HP per caster level of the caster. Basic and Greater Abjuration Spellfocus grants the shield Regeneration +15 each. Epic Abjuration Focus adds another 30 regeneration on top of that. All these values are not fixed of course.

The Mirror Golem and the Golem Mastery Feats will stay in game. I'll try to change it a bit though to make it more useful and the Golem Mastery feats more rewarding. Currently I am experimenting with a new ability which lets the Golem pull aggro.

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Re: Proposed Change - Arcane Golems

Post#24 » Sun Mar 24, 2019 11:53 am

Sadly the aggro-pulling did not work as intended.
Details about the changes in my commit logs.

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Re: Proposed Change - Arcane Golems

Post#25 » Mon Mar 25, 2019 7:17 am

One thing I have noticed about mirror golems - RoT 1\2 chapters, most of the melee\ranged enemies just unable to hit them, so - no damage reflected, and golem benefits become questionable.
On the other hand, on event server, it dies really quickly.
So maybe replace damage reflection with something like damaging aura - like body of the sun or hellfire shield?
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Re: Proposed Change - Arcane Golems

Post#26 » Mon Mar 25, 2019 7:25 am

I am thinking about reworking the Golem entirely to make him a more balanced and more useful companion.
It's just that my last approach didn't work (or I did not have enough time to get it working) so I turned to something else. But the current version is not the last word. As soon as I get the time I'll take another look at what we can do. I still would like to grant him an aggro-pulling mechanic and get rid of the damage shield.

Regarding the issue of dieing to fast, I hope that the overall damage immunity of up to 30% changes that. If not, we can push it to 40%.

Lady Seline
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Re: Proposed Change - Arcane Golems

Post#27 » Wed Mar 27, 2019 6:41 pm

I was surprised today to log in and see my Mithril golem had become epic warding... as someone who's build was based around it I was quite shocked. So far:

I can see that defensively it functions similar, although it has some very heavy drawbacks for me.

1) my golem mastery feats are now useless :lol:
2) my golem WAS my damage source outside of L40 hack slash event (since, necromancer / death immunity everywhere), and the new spell STILL blocks summons same as the old golem aka this means now I can not use summon spells for damage or distraction, including class features or the L7 spell of the indestructible Mordenkainen's Sword, and have lost a source of damage. If possible, altering the epic warding into a special type of animal companion or at the very least a familiar would allow you to use summons and or another combat golem to compensate for the loss of a 1850 Hp tank that had higher AC than me, and punched for 60 damage through all the insane mob resistances vs physical. At L30, that was actually significantly higher than I can manage with my horrid wiltings, or other necromantic spells, cos... multiple attacks.

(if you can see the code for them, the dinosaur familiar feat alters a companion to another type, and the animal domain of cleric adds the companion class ability to a cleric, and of course Exalted Companion adds a template onto a companion. Can the two be combined to grant the ward feat taker the animal companion feat, set its type to 'ward golem', and the Focus feats augment the ward as per the Exalted companion alteration of stats and abilities?)

On the plus side, I do like how there's a reason to take abjuration focus feats though. Since dispelling was of very little use.

For my own clarity, how much % was mitigated by the old golem with the mastery feats? 40% is less than a basic L2 shield other spell...

P.S. Can you call the spell 'Mortisfillia's Epic Warding'? Cos I'm going to do an LLCO post soon where Anita is dismantling her golem and designing a spell based off the golem's spell runes to fix the lore with her sudden loss of a golem. ;)

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Re: Proposed Change - Arcane Golems

Post#28 » Thu Mar 28, 2019 7:08 am

That's actually my fault, I accidentally pushed Brumms changes to the live server with my other updates. I will talk to Brumm and see when adjustments can be made, and if need be I will roll back those changes and get your golem back. Stay tuned.
Brian Bloom

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Re: Proposed Change - Arcane Golems

Post#29 » Thu Mar 28, 2019 9:47 am

@Brian: I am working on it already. Should be done soon; hopefully tonight.

@Lady Seline:
1) Yes, your Golem Mastery feats are useless now. I can refund you for the relevel an for your time of course. Just let me know what your ingame account name is.

2) If you really need a damage source go for the Mirror Golem. The Mirror Golem is much stronger than the Mithral Golem and should do what you are looking for. Not to mention that I am still working on an ability for the Mirror Golem to pull aggression which should make him even more useful (if I get it working).

3) Epic Warding blocks the summon slot, yes. There is a balancing reason for doing that like KC pointed out. Arcanes would become even more powerful if we don't do it. Though, since I am still having problems to keep the Ward non-targetable it might be that I have to change it completely anyways. But that would mean no HP bar for the Ward anymore and personally I like the HP bar. Please let me know if you guys prefer to keep the HP bar or if it doesn't matter to you.

4) The former Golem went up to 50% I guess but I think capping it at 40% is more than fair. Arcanes are already the most tankiest chars on the server due a fault of mine (which was introducing the Mithral Golem without monitoring it's impact). And for your comparision with the Shield Other spell you need to keep something in mind: Shield Other protect someone else but YOU take the damage. Epic Warding protects you and the Ward takes the damage. That is a huge difference. And normally the Ward should have much more HP than a PC has.

5) I'll probably increase the effect of the Abjuration Feats even more by reducing the CL based HP scaling of the Ward and add more HP with the feats.

6) "Mortisfillia's Epic Warding"? Lol! I'll think about it.

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Re: Proposed Change - Arcane Golems

Post#30 » Thu Mar 28, 2019 2:51 pm

Finally I got a solution working. Now without HP bar but with regeneration. And it does not block the summoning slot anymore. Taking the feat on level up with a Sorc worked. I made the same changes for all the classes in the description so it "should" work for them too but I didn't test them. Please be aware that all stats of the feat are still not final. We'll have to evaluate how it works after a few weeks.

Spoiler: show
Feat: Epic Warding
Innate Level: 10
Spell School: Abjuration
Range: Personal
Duration: 72 Hours
Save: None
Spell Resistance: No
Prerequisites: Level 21, ability to cast 9th level spells
Classes: Arcane Scholar, Arcane Trickster, Daggerspell Mage, Frost Mage, Pale Master, Red Wizard, Sorcerer, Wizard

The caster conjures a magic barrier around his body which absorbs 30% of the incoming damage. The barrier disappears after absorbing 25 points of damage per caster level.

Epic Warding becomes much stronger if the caster has Abjuration Spellfocus Feats:
Basic and Greater Abjuration Focus increase the absorbed damage by 250 points each and let the barrier regain it's absorption capacity at a rate of 15 points per round. Epic Abjuration Focus adds another 750 points of damage absorption, increases the absorption to 40% and increases the barrier regeneration by another 30 points per round.

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