Legendary Metals walk-through *SPOILERS*

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Legendary Metals walk-through *SPOILERS*

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Legendary Forging modifiers
Location of Forge: Fortress of Stonakor - ROT2 Chapter 5
Requirement: ER3 (3,500,000 XP)
List of modifiers:
https://nwn2-realms-of-trinity.fandom.c ... lion_XP.29

Legendary Material Admanantine (can be done before ER3)
Start in Trinity Town Center and go East to Trinity East - Coastal Road, then proceed north on the Dakmor Road.When you get to Dakmor Graveyard entrance, enter the crypt on the Northwest Side of the Graveyard entrance. kill the skeletons and proceed through the shadow portal.

In the City of the Damned head to the Vladar's Cemetery zone marker. In the Cemetery you want to fight your way to the Tombs of the Fallen on the west side. In the Tombs kill all the evil beings in the doors to the left and right. A portal will appear in the northern end of the center hall. Take that portal to a section further north. Head north across the bridge killing enemies as you go. You will want to find the Terror of the Deep and kill him. He should be at the northern most part. Loot the Terror of the Deep's Heart that he drops then head back to the Cemetery the same way you came in.

Head to the Northwest to Vladar's Caretaker's marker on the map and head inside. Search around until you find Vladar's Caretaker and kill him. Loot his brain and head back to the Cemetery from where you entered.

Go to the Eastern side of the Cemetary to Vladar's Castle. When you use the door choose the option to place the brain and heart you looted into the door. Go find Vladar, the Vampire Lordess and talk to him. After finishing the discussion he'll try and kill you. Make mincemeat of him and his minions to complete the Admanantine quest. After that you can return to Trinity.

Legendary Material Cold Iron - (Requires ER3 to get the quest)
Head to Trinity Westgate Commons and enter the C & B Pub and speak to Aarten Strapblade. If you have not done the Bandit series of quests, you will need to do them before you can do the Legendary Material quest. He will ask you to look into a possible incursion. The quest is labeled under "Epic Challenge Series - The Evasive Invasion". After you get it head to the Urmlaspyr gate guard.

You will be fighting drow, so don't expect it to be a pushover!

Legendary Material Darksteel - (Requires ER3 to get the quest)

Head to Stonakor (Rot 2, Chapter 5), Pass through the gate and enter Drowler's Tavern. Speak with Johun for the quest. It will appear in the journal as "Side Quest - Johun's Captured Sister". Head back out into Stonakor and mosey on over to the Zhentaim Temple. Slaughter those evil Zhents and your work is done. Return and turn the quest in to Johun. (Note: The forge to apply legendary Materials is in this zone, outside the tavern)

Legendary Material Mithral - (Requires ER3 to get the quest)
Head to Reesov, then find the Slaves Tomb. Speak to Shalot Kazzdine for the final quest. He will task you to enter the Mausoleum in Asyria (Rot I, Chapter 2). Head on over there with your portal stone. Speak to Zod and pass through the gate, then enter the Mausoleum in the Southeast corner of the map. Kill the Asyrian Curator, then report back to Zod. Zod will send you back to Shalut in Reeshov. Turn the quest in to complete the Legendary Metals.

Go apply them and congrats!

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