Feasibility Check - Fixing Wildshapes with Post-hoc Script Scaling

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Feasibility Check - Fixing Wildshapes with Post-hoc Script Scaling

Post#1 » Mon Jun 29, 2020 7:01 am

Hi all,

Currently, Wild Shapes for Druids are terribly broken due to poor scaling and loss of spell slots. I have thought of a possible future approach to remedy this, but it would be contingent on 2 things working.

1) As Wild Shape in-game is programmed as creating a creature, and then giving the player control of it, I am wondering if a script-based scaling approach like that done for Golems, Animal Companions, and Summon I-IX can also be applied to Wild Shapes? This scales their AB, AC, Damage and other relevant stats to an appropriate level based on their shifter level.

2) Next, I would like to check if an approach like giving all shapeshift creature blueprints 26x spellslots for all druid spells will prevent spell loss for the shifted druid. As shapes expire upon rest, and druids are memorized casters, I doubt there is a way to exploit this for extra spellcasts.

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