The Deck of Many Things

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The Deck of Many Things

Post#1 » Sat May 30, 2020 10:27 am

The fabled artifact, the Deck of Many Things, has been sighted in the Trinity Region!

Here's how this is going to of the random properties that can be assigned to scrolls by the RNG is "Deck of Many Things X draws." Should you find one of these, you have found the Deck of Many Things. Should you wish to use it, contact me via Discord, on the forums or in-game, and we will set up a time to do your draws.
All draws will be done in the PvP Arena and will be announced on the forum and Discord; spectators are encouraged. Anyone drawing from the Deck must bring a combat ready character; no moving items in or out of storage once draw proceedings have begun. Battles will be decided there and then. Draws will be done using the D20 function in the RP tools. Here is the results table:

1. The Judge - Reverse alignments (I will flip a coin for neutrals. Yes, this may ruin your build, unless you cough up the shards to re-change your alignment).
2. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Defeat one of the four Horsemen (DM will roll a dice to decide which one) in single combat and gain one level or ER to a character of your choice. An additional level or ER will be given for each EX setting.
3. The Bailiff - You are imprisoned in the Dark Lair. You must successfully complete a Dark Lair run (defeat all bosses) before you can use this character again. Friends may help you (standard event rewards will be given to all successful participants).
4. The Blackguard – minus 2 to your 3 highest stats (This will hit your base scores, so it's nasty. It could result in you losing access to feats).
5. The Troll - Get +200 hp and +10 regen forged onto an item (forging will overwrite any values on said item).
6. The Tax – Surrender a set item or crookweave amulet. This can be taken from storage. Misc. set items must be of the greater variety. If you don’t have any such item the DM will take what they consider to be your current strongest equip-able item.
7. The Warden - Lose 500k xp and you must draw again.
8. The Swashbuckler – have Uncanny Dodge crafted onto an item of your choice.
9. The Dragon - All your current equipment becomes ‘cursed’ (The items will be set to "plot" status by the DM and will be unforgeable from then on).
10. The Teacher - Gain 2 million xp to a character of your choice or take two more draws.
11. The Gift - Gain a set item of your choice.
12. The Lottery - Gain 250 shards.
13. The Tax Collector - Immediately lose all gold pieces and items in your inventory (NOT equipped items or banked gold).
14. The Reaper - Defeat Vraczuleas. If you lose the fight you must delete that character (you can unequip & store items, except for cursed Legendaries). Friends may help but for each ally the EX is increased by 1 (standard event rewards will be given to all successful participants; allies will be resurrected).
15. The Mentor - Get +12 to one attribute forged onto an item of your choice.
16. The Rune Master - Gain a Rune of your choice.
17. The Rust Monster - Lose all Uber magic items – any item with a legendary metal on it is lost (Legendary metals will be reset when you are ready to re-forge).
18. The Rogue - Gain 20 ranks in Open Lock, Disable Device and Use Magic Device (DM-forged onto an item of your choice).
19. The Archaeologist - Gain a Crookweave Item of your choice.
20. The Hidden Hoard – Gain a complete Set of your choice OR the Runes: V, W, X, Y, Z.

a) Characters must be at least ER3 and have applied all Legendary metals to use a Deck of Many Things scroll, or Destiny takes no notice of them and nothing happens.
b) Characters must agree to abide by the rules/results of the dice, or I will reduce their level to 1 and use SET SCORE to put all their attributes to 1.
c) In the event of multiple draws (some scrolls I've seen have up to 3,) each draw must be resolved before the next is generated, unless otherwise stated by the DM. If a draw results in the character's inability to continue drawing, the remaining draws are lost, even if the character is later revived/freed/whatever.
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Tom D
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Re: The Deck of Many Things

Post#2 » Sun May 31, 2020 2:48 pm

Love this Ant! The Deck of Many things brings back lots of fun memories!

Did you guys purge existing ones before starting this? I cannot find mine in my inventory.

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Re: The Deck of Many Things

Post#3 » Mon Jun 01, 2020 3:47 am

Not that I'm aware of.

Anyone else have the same issue?

Tom D
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Re: The Deck of Many Things

Post#4 » Wed Jun 03, 2020 6:03 pm

Hmmm - it appears that all of my "special" scrolls are gone. I had a scroll of timestop I was saving for the right wizard, a scroll of shard storm (from the OC) and some other oddities that might prove amusing, plus the DOMT. Wonder what happened to them?

Scrolls of Storm Avatar are there, but all the ones that had been drops are gone. Weird.

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Re: The Deck of Many Things

Post#5 » Wed Jun 03, 2020 11:46 pm

Some scrolls are in the persistent under another category.

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Re: The Deck of Many Things

Post#6 » Fri Jun 05, 2020 5:52 pm

Missing a lot of Special Scrolls too.

Tom D
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Re: The Deck of Many Things

Post#7 » Tue Jun 16, 2020 3:11 pm

Idea: What if we did a DOMT mini event? Seems like it could be cool as a group event.

One way would be to have a DOMT and each person could take a draw. We could either have a card drawn replaced or it would then disappear, meaning while people were watching they would know what cards remained - kind of a Russian Roulette feel.

No one would be forced to draw, (or maybe they would, or maybe they have to say before the first draw) but people could put some thought into what character they bring and what items they equip the character with. You want to be strong enough to beat Vrac or one of the 4 horsemen, but maybe not risk your favorite items.

After the event, the DOMT is gone.

We could even do it as a kickoff or finale to the Friday event. Either way - solo or add-on - I don't think it would take a lot of prep? I could be wrong.

Anyway - just thought it might be a quick and fun way to take advantage of Ant's good work! What does everyone else think?

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Re: The Deck of Many Things

Post#8 » Wed Jun 17, 2020 8:07 am

FYI, I will be working on the new deck as described in this thread soon as I finish the in game auction house interface. I am planning on wrapping up development on the auction house in game soon and will update soon as I get started on this.
Brian Bloom

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Tom D
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Re: The Deck of Many Things

Post#9 » Wed Jun 17, 2020 10:14 am

Good stuff Brian!

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Re: The Deck of Many Things

Post#10 » Thu Jun 18, 2020 6:01 pm

Awesome! Will it be part of the random drop code, or will it be a DM award item only?

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