Frenzied Berserker proposal

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Frenzied Berserker proposal

Post#1 » Mon Sep 23, 2019 7:59 am

Hello fellas, i decided to open a forum topic about that ,cause more and more viable toons are getting "locked" into bard dip.Atm frenzied berserker is the only alternative of bard dip for barbarian builds .

1:If u have barb rage active the frenzy has no ending animation (as Fraggle noted few times to me and i didn't rly trust him) the only way to note it is that u'll start hitting way less (proly ) in grp it will be hard to note .Ofc that is my personal opinion.

2:The duration of the frenzy is pathetic the description is the same as barb rage but afaik barb rage duration got changed and it's tied to class lvl now or class lvl and +con dunno for sure.

Proposals :

1:Add random icon (different than barb rage icon) as animation for the frenzy.

2:Make frenzy and barb rage tied to barb + fb class lvls ( here some ppl will proly complain that fb is prc and not only barb should benefit from pickin it so it could be any base class +fb class )

As i am making the proposal i'm well aware the the dev staff is already full of work so i don't expect the changes made if they require too much time.

Thanks and cheers to all!

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