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Nature spell feedback

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 4:38 pm
by Brownyman
I know this is a work in progress so please excuse anything you know of already!

From testing on the live server i have found a few spells not working or adding correctly. ( this is with caster level 50 Druid frostmage)

Creeping cold only does 24 damage , empowered or maximised only seemed to gain a few pts of damage.

Greater creeping cold has similar results , 32 maximised.

Call Frost and Call lightning although having the same damage description have different maximised totals, 460 frost 600 lightning.

Creeping doom only seems to fire one damage roll per round, this seemed to be 70 - 80 physical damage, I'm sure it used to be magical with multiple rolls.

Burst of glacial wrath - description mentions that when the target is encased in ice they become vulnerable to fire. not the case it seems they become elemental damage immune of all types. I dont know if its always been like this though! i havent tested before.

When trying barkskin on another character whose caster level had gone up from 35 to 43 with the new changes, barkskin isnt scaling up as per description.

In game and resource page descriptions i guess will get updated when everything goes in correctly rather than sneak in!

Thats all i have found so far, damage boosts are great stuff! Leonals roar actually works now the caster lvl has gone up!

Thanks for all the work Brumm! it must seem a thankless task sometimes, but my druid has some firepower now : )

P.S. Will epic explosive damage be allowed for Nature/Divine?

Re: Nature spell feedback

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 2:00 pm
by Brumm

Sorry for not responding for such a long time. I was pretty busy with RL stuff.
Could you please give me a little update? Which of these bugs are still in game. I fixed at least a few of them if I recall correctly.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Yes, we will probably add Epic Explosive Damage in the long run.

Re: Nature spell feedback

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:15 am
by Brownyman
The only outstanding broken nature spell as far as i know is just Creeping doom, it only does 1 roll for damage contrary to description. All the creeping cold line of spells etc work great.

Currently you can only select Harsh casting and explosive damage, the epic versions and domineering casting require the Arcane purist feat.

Epic explosive damage doesnt require the previous version, is that intended? or a separate ability and they both stack?

Any ideas if on a pure damage dealer arcane build you take both for maximum damage?

Re: Nature spell feedback

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 2:52 pm
by Brumm
I'll take a deeper look at creeping doom in the next days. The code is a mess and has nothing to do with the description at all. I'll probably write a new clean version of it from scratch this week.

Yes, Epic Explosive Damage does not require the lesser version. That was intended if I recall it correctly.

Explosive Damage and Epic Explosive Damage do not stack. Just the higer one counts.


Re: Nature spell feedback

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 1:48 pm
by Fraggle
Browny made a decent List with bugged Spells!
Just tested with my old Shaman build and Spellbook with similar results ( no new Epic Harsh Feats ). Another Spell, which dosnt work correct, is Storm of Vengeance, Duration is round about 2 min 30 sec and not 60 seconds total, like before.
General Suggestion to all over time AoEs like SoV, Entangle, Vine Mine, Wall of Fire and... , pls make same Duration for all those Spells and let only work 1 at the same Time.
Creeping Doom long time ago balanced to useless, including changes damage type from magic to physical. Leads to a sad Situation, where you cant defeat Abyss Witches on EX1. Natures have no spell to harm seriously Beblith or Maya.

I tested with an old Toon on Thumper, but Browny pls explain what you mean with decent Damage you deal now with Natures. I have doubts you make more than 1- 1,2 k DPR ( not counting Massdrown ) ona single target. Massdrown dosnt work well on Exmode at Eventserver too. So sadly actual Situation for Natures feels poor like before, playable but not useful for Exruns on Eventserver.

Several Spells rebalanced ( or nerfed ) after Long time to useless, mainly Creeping Doom. Capping GCC to max per round ( 375 ? dont remember exactly number ) made Hypothermia useless.
I really want good old times back for Natures. Times with uncapped GCC ( anyway blocked by SR ) and old Version of Creeping Doom.
It feels a Concept Change on Natures from fast AoE Killer to Killer Over Time. Killer Over TIme has serious Drawbacks as IGMS Casters will kill you before.
Hopefully they will be one Day again fun to Play!

Re: Nature spell feedback

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 3:07 pm
by Brownyman
Oh yes definitely a damage over time caster now. Normally with Storm of V, spike growth, infernos, deadly lahar, Body of the sun and both creeping colds. Finish off things with splinterbolts, seed of life or quillfire. Damage is decent compared to what it was like before, still not a patch on arcane. The way a lot of their spells work means you've got to be frontline amongst it. EX mode thats suicide!

Your guess on the DPR is probably correct and that means you just cannot solo some places, cannnot get past witches, or Black dragon lair, You just cannot kill quick enough, but in a party they are great support and reasonable area damage.

I hadnt really commented on the damage output before because i didnt want to seem ungrateful to Brumm's work! Its far better than it was. When epic explosive and domineering casting get added then see if its enough maybe.

Re: Nature spell feedback

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 3:41 pm
by Brumm
Like I said: We will add epic explosive damage for nature and divine casters soon and I can tweak the nature spells even further if neccessary. But I guess we should wait with damage tweaks until we see how the epic explosive damage addition turns out.

So my planned route for nature spells is:
1. Fixing Creeping Doom
2. Adding the duration AoE spell fix to all missing spells (that is just a stability issue and has nothing to do with rescaling)
3. Adding epic explosive damage (if Brian doesn't do it in the meantime; he introduced the epic explosive line)
4. Further damage tweaking for nature spells if neccessary.

But one thing: Did I really get you right that you want me to limit all duration AoE spells to 1 per character at a time and give them all the same duration? So just SoV or Entangle or Cloud of Bewilderment?

Thanks for your feedback. It's really appreciated!

Re: Nature spell feedback

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 1:34 pm
by Fraggle
Dear Brumm,
Thank you for spending your Time on Natures. Think your planned steps are well!

It seems, that several Players missundestood my Suggestion. Apologize all my creepy english, try to explain better now!
My Suggestion is only 1 AoE Spell ( each Type ) at the same time per Player. So 1 SoV, Wall of Fire, and ...., per Player at the same time! Similar like SoV works now, you cast another SoV, the first SoV disappeaars. Several low Level AoE Spells dont work like that, like Entangle, Spike Growth and some others. This would have 2 positive effects, lesser risk of Lag and easier to Balance! All AoE Spells same Duration would be easier for Players too.

New Areas on Evenstserver cause some trouble to Natures Classes. Current State of Things is Shaman/Druids can solo Black Dragon Liar ( may on ex too ), but its ugly to play as it is mostly Quillfire Spam.
Dark Liar unable to solo for 2 Reasons, Natures cant kill Xyldrith, his regrate is higher than the Damage you deal. Second Reason is, despite you can Massdrown Mobs ( Exoff ), you lacking a second AoE spell to kill them quick.
Vault of Doom untested but i think you will have huge Problems with the Bossfight.

General Shaman/Druids lacking some Damage Types and few Spells compared to Arcanes. No decent Spell for Negative, Acid and Divine. They cant increase Damage by Instill. They have only Hypothermia and thats useless with capped GCC.
This is only a short List, may only a small Adjustement is not enough. We wil see when you done your Steps from your List.

Re: Nature spell feedback

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 2:09 pm
by Fraggle
Another Idea.
Long time ago i tested Infestation of Maggots on several Bosses and Enemies. Main Idea was to modify Constitution and by decrease Con, decrease Frotitude Save at the same Time too. Funny enough, despite Spell hits and works it had never any effect on Fort Save. May it could be interesting for an Offense Caster which works mainly with DC, to have a Spell to lower Enemies Saves,similar to some Lowering SR Spells.
But that could be a Balance Breaker. Its just an Idea and may to much time consuming (for Developers ) and not worth.

Re: Nature spell feedback

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 2:27 pm
by Brownyman
From what I've just tested on Live server the only AoE nature spells which you can cast multiple instances of are:-

Entangle Lvl 1

Trip vine lvl 2

Vine mine Lvl 3 Entangle - hamper movement

Deadly Lahar lvl 8 Only seems to do half damage on subsequent rounds regardless of a fail or save. You can have multiple castings active although the duration is short.

Edit - Splinterbolt was one i forgot about, you dont get any more than 6 missiles even with CL 50