Nature spell feedback

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Nature spell feedback

Post#1 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 4:38 pm

I know this is a work in progress so please excuse anything you know of already!

From testing on the live server i have found a few spells not working or adding correctly. ( this is with caster level 50 Druid frostmage)

Creeping cold only does 24 damage , empowered or maximised only seemed to gain a few pts of damage.

Greater creeping cold has similar results , 32 maximised.

Call Frost and Call lightning although having the same damage description have different maximised totals, 460 frost 600 lightning.

Creeping doom only seems to fire one damage roll per round, this seemed to be 70 - 80 physical damage, I'm sure it used to be magical with multiple rolls.

Burst of glacial wrath - description mentions that when the target is encased in ice they become vulnerable to fire. not the case it seems they become elemental damage immune of all types. I dont know if its always been like this though! i havent tested before.

When trying barkskin on another character whose caster level had gone up from 35 to 43 with the new changes, barkskin isnt scaling up as per description.

In game and resource page descriptions i guess will get updated when everything goes in correctly rather than sneak in!

Thats all i have found so far, damage boosts are great stuff! Leonals roar actually works now the caster lvl has gone up!

Thanks for all the work Brumm! it must seem a thankless task sometimes, but my druid has some firepower now : )

P.S. Will epic explosive damage be allowed for Nature/Divine?

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