Vault of Doom EX 6 Conquered!!!

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Vault of Doom EX 6 Conquered!!!

Post#1 » Mon May 07, 2018 6:15 pm

A big, humongous thank you to everyone who has helped us conquer this area over the last few months, it's been an absolute blast.

Tonight we finally managed Doom Vault on EX 6 with a truly awesome team:

Slimjim Pickings, a rogue - John Doe
Gnomercy, a rogue - Golyoscsapagy (did I spell that right? :lol: )
Ziras, a thug - Zan
Kurys Wildedge, a rogue - Samyx
Shrikelet, a rogue - Zippy....Zaboo
Pompa Dour, a sorceror - Fraggle
Shade Moonstealer, a rogue - Julehat
Sheesh Kebab, a fighter weapon master - Caylin
Antsealier Ameillorator, a favoured soul healer - Addict-Ant

It was a titanic struggle and though many of us thought it couldn't be done after our first try so long ago, ....we dusted ourselves off time & again and after many weeks of slowly raising the EX and adjusting out tactics and group composition (and getting our butts kicked) we darn well did it! :D

Great Job Team, Epic Heroes Every One *salutes*
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Re: Vault of Doom EX 6 Conquered!!!

Post#2 » Tue May 08, 2018 12:07 pm

Zan asked if we could record what classes everyone was, will update main post above - if I've got it wrong please let me know.

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