A bunch of newbie questions....

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A bunch of newbie questions....

Post#1 » Mon May 07, 2018 12:27 pm

1) Which ranged weapon feats (if any) work w/ throwing axes?
2) Are the expensive throwing axe feats (upwards of 200 shards to max them all!) usable across multiple PCs or just for the PC which purchases them?
3) Can forges add "mighty" to bow, and what's max mighty add-on if you have epic craftsman?
4) Are the general summon/party/function feats (grandstand, healing, etc.) usable across multiple PCs or just for the PC which purchases them?
5) Are guilds still active? How do you join one? What's the pro/con of joining?
6) How do rune/set item drops work? Some folks say "it's all about number of enemies; until you hit er4, go kill spiders." Some folks say "it's all about difficult enemies; go try to survive cannibals as soon as you can." Who is right? Are they more likely at EX6 than normal?
7) Does chance of rune/set/etc drops go up, or down, when fighting in a party?
8) Lots of forum members are complaining about having "too much" high end gear (crookweave, etc.) Where does that stuff even drop? I ran my first PC through the whole campaign and all the legendaries without finding much. Is that only when I hit level 40 and go to Lith Myathar?


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Re: A bunch of newbie questions....

Post#2 » Mon May 07, 2018 1:39 pm

Hey zip,
I can answer them in game.
See you very soon :-)
Kr Samyx

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Re: A bunch of newbie questions....

Post#3 » Mon May 07, 2018 1:48 pm

1. I think all you need, Point Balnk Shot, Rapid, Many, Improved Rapid and One Shot.

2. Only the One which purchase for the Feats.

3. Go with your forging Toon to Reeshov Forger and see what you can forge.

4. See 2.

5. Few Guilds are active, for Arcane Society try to contact Guild Master at Forums, be nice, sweet and helpful maybe one day yu get an Invitation from O Guild, for other Guilds try to contact Guild Master.

6.Each kill is a Roll and all depends on Luck. CR of Enemies, your own Level compared to CR of Enemies, EX mode, all has an Impact for the Chance to get a Rare Item Drop like Crook or Set, for Crook think Enemies should have CR 28 ( but not sure ). Partysize increases Spawns in some Areas so higher Killrate and better Chance for Rare Drops too. So simple logic, when you Need half the time to clear an Area on EX4 compared to EX6, EX4 would be the better mode as Killrate is higher and each kill is a Roll.

7. See 6.

8. Main Idea for Rare Drops is, that they drop rare, play Long enough, than you really dont know what to do with all the Crooks.

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