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Basic Tactic Guide

Post#1 » Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:24 am

Dear Trinitians,

i open this Thread for some Basic/General Tactics for Melee/ Archer. Main Target is to help new Players or Players who have difficulties to survive some Areas. Comments or other tactical Ideas are very welcome. This is not made for a specicific Area! Melee and Archer works a bit different but in many Cases my Suggestions helps both Playing Styles.
I ignore here AoE Casters or Casters, as they are often to different from playing Style, but probably some works for Casters too. I dont want to Discuss any Build here.

1. Use the Things Developers implement in this Game:

Items, Scrolls, Pandora Stone, Buffrods and Potions.
Bumped up with Magic and Immunities, can change a not well equipped Toon to a Killer, as long buffs are active.
First at all, hold at all Areas Energy Immunities and Deathward always active! Except you know have the experience and know it better for a specific Area.

- Storm Avatar helps versus Archers
- Globe of Invulnerability helps versus Warlocks and some Arcanists too
- Spellmantle gives you short time Protection versus magic
- Hide, Invisbilty, Ethearless and ... allows you to get close to Enemies and works as Rescue Mode as well
- Runeword Enigma ( Teleport ) on Armor helps a lot too
- my Rogue has 1 Pandora Stone only with Stoneskin, Greater Stoneskin and Premonition, it stacks but in different way than Description says, theorethical it gives you for short time 600-800 HP more ( dont remember the exact number) with DR, often good enough for difficult fights
- Regen up ( Troll Blood ) before you run into difficult fights.

Several other Items, Scrolls exist too, check the Arcane Trader for Scrolls.

2. Use the Battleground:
All, really all Areas has spots where you can avoid to be attacked by to many Enemies. Use Doors, Tables, Furnitures at Indoor Areas and Rocks, Walls, Buildings and other stuff at Outdoor Areas to reduce the number of Enemies which can you attack at the same time. With other words reduce the Incoming Damage.
Leeroying leads always to Death at Endcontents.

3. Rescue:
When you get the feeling you pulled to many Enemies, than run, run for your life and fight back step by step.
Teleport or Ethearless really helps.

4. Enemies:
Kill the most Dangerous first!
Thats not always the One which deals the most damage, Dispeller could be primary target at several Areas.
Most dangerous Enemie can be different for several Classes and often enough changes by the jump from EXoff to Exmode too.
At spawning Areas, ignore all Enemies which dont harm you much, kill the dangerous Ones first and sometimes its to much, than only run/port away and fight back, helps.

4. Pulling Enemies:
To pull Enemies works different and depends, if you are playing in a group or solo. General it needs training as each Area is quite different too. Try to soloing Endcontents, combat log on and analyze.
Learn to pull, excellent Traning Areas are Thulthanthir, Eon, BDL.
General all non Spawn Areas are good for Training.

5. Dying:
Shit happens! Try to figure out why died! You missed an important buff ? Or you pulled to many Enemies?
Improve your Play, Build, Gear and try again!

6. Guerilla Tactics for the Win! :
As a golden Rule, fight only when and where you can win!
Translated into Game, pull only as many Enemies, as many you can handle! When you can defeat only 1 Enemie at the same time, than pull only 1.
Unfortunetly you pulled more, than run and isolate them. Fight back by killing Enemie after Enemie.

Summary, nothing i wrote here is a Secret, but often neglected. To die is part of the Game, Shit happens!
Analyze coolheaded why you died and make it next time better, thats the Secret!
Comments, other Basic Tactics or tipps for specific Buff are very welcome!

Enjoy Endcontents !

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