LLC 4.0

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LLC 4.0

Post#1 » Thu Dec 28, 2017 7:41 pm


LLC 4.0

"The Lost Scrolls"

Ur Draxa.... a land full of mystery and wonder. The Eye of Tyr. The land filled with snow capped mountains, lush valleys and dragons floating in the clouds. But deep inside this beautiful land hides a dark secret. This secret, no man can hide from. A great struggle for power, for wealth and riches beyond the minds wildest dreams.... the Lost Scrolls. It is said that he who holds the Old Scrolls, holds the power of the gods themselves.

Ur Draxa was destroyed during the great war between the sorcerer-kings and Rajaat. The visible scars of the past have faded, but that time was long ago. The great merchant guilds have rebuilt the city into one of the biggest trade capitals in the lands. The famines and recessions of other nations have yet to leave any mark on the great land. But the stability and future of Ur Draxa could crumble at any moment. Already, there are mumblings amoung the townsfolk of great hunts starting for the Lost Scrolls. This could only mean one thing.... he is coming back.

The war bands are forming. Ships and battle charriots have started to arrive in the great city. Templars and mages from all reaches of the lands have started to make their way to the great city. The drums of war have started to pound. Already, the great merchant guilds have began to quarrel over any information that could lead to finding the scrolls. Oddly, a dark cloud has begun to form on the horizon. But the true question still remains.... is anyone willing to pay the cost to find them?

It is said that one cannot hide their secrets forever.... eventually they will come back to haunt you. As the time draws near, the skeletons of our past have returned to face us once again. In times of conflict, our secrets can bring out the best, or the worst that lies inside us. The true test awaits us in the land full of mystery and wonder. The time is now at hand. But in the end, there can be only darkness.

"I looked over the mountains and my eyes fell upon a vast landscape full of mystery and wonder. The land of dragons.... known as Ur Draxa in the old tongue, filled my sight. I looked to the heavens, and the gods smiled down upon me. Go now my son.... the voice echoed in my mind. This land is yours...."

Lord Aldaer Beltaerth, Champion of Ur Draxa


We will be kicking this thing off sometime in the next couple of months hopefully. I wanted to post a little early and give everyone time enough to think out new characters. You are also welcome to carry over an old LLC character if you wish. Cheers everyone and there will be more information to come as we draw closer to a brand new LLC story!


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Re: LLC 4.0

Post#2 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 8:12 pm

The Battle Of Ur Draxa

My sword is sharpened and ready
By the gods, my hand be steady
The crows in the branches are cawing
I notice the other soldiers withdrawing
Their corpses scattered in the fields of rye
As the beast circled in the sky
I look upward, my heart pounding
His battle cry resounding
My thoughts full of malice and anger
He taunts me, but I fear not his danger
One fell swoop and I should perish
But my people, I do cherish
His claws pierce my breastplate
By my blood, He took the bait
I thrust my sword into his eye
This victory, he cannot deny
The beast, has taken his last dive
The bastard, would never take me alive


Poem by Randomwiz

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Re: LLC 4.0

Post#3 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:48 pm

"From Somewhere Beyond"

The shroud of darkness that surrounds me engulfs my soul. This place... the cold stone walls and empty chambers. Oh... so many chambers that lie empty... all but one. Their voices echo through the endless corridors. But their songs fall on bare walls. As does their voices land as dead corpses in my heart. Not a single spirit makes it's presence known. The emptiness of this place... I try to drift away, but the darkness keeps me, keeps me bound to it's will. My task... only to keep him away.

He cries out from his chamber, his voice filled with rage. His screams echo down the barren hallway like a tornado through a keyhole. His sounds, rattle the stones that fill the walls. A loose stone falls to the chamber floor, and bounces past my feet. I can hear him breathing hard. His breath deep and hollow, like an empty well. I hear the rustling of his shackles as he paces in his cell. As I draw closer to his chamber, I see his clawed hands grasp the iron bars. The chain droops between the shackles on his wrist. He beckons me closer.... closer.... closer to him.

I cannot hold out much longer... It's as if he is trying to pull me into him... pull me into his eternal torment. He opens his clawed hands and offers them to me through the black bars. He starts to whisper in my mind... "Won't you join us? Won't you join ME... JOIN ME FOREVER..." I begin to loose all self control. My legs feel numb beneath me, but I begin to walk towards the bars. I try to resist it, but I am no longer in control. He extends his hands towards me, but suddenly a hand falls on my shoulder from behind. A soft voice whispers in my ear. "The darkness belongs to me..." The words jolt inside of me, and once again I am in control of myself. I step backwards and turn around, but there is nothing behind me. The hallway is empty... barren... lifeless. He screams in rage, his hands shaking the pitch black bars of his prison. "LET ME OUT!" he bellows. I turn to face him, his face filled with unrelenting hatred. Without a touch of pity, I say "To the Void you have been banished... and to the Void shall you be bound... forever." He groans in anguish as the flames inside his cell flare up, blocking him from my sight. I turn and stare down the empty hallway. For this place too is my prison, my task... only to keep him away.

Yvenna Lanneson "From Somewhere Beyond"

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Re: LLC 4.0

Post#4 » Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:46 pm

Trinity Council Notes (Emergency Session)

Trinity Guard Captain James Melforn:
"My King, I regret to inform you that our Ambassador's caravan to Ur Draxa was was ambushed. I also regret to inform you my Lord, that everyone including Ambassador Helrin has been killed. Helrin was due back in Trinity a few days ago, but never returned. Our scouts found the wreckage just this morning. Our first initial report from the field is very troubling my Lord. It seems the culprits slaughtered Helrin and his guards in utter barbaric fashion. What is more troubling, is the message the culprits left written in blood by the wagon. "The Wolf is watching" was smeared on the ground near Helrin's body. One final note of importance my Lord, it seems whoever did this, had no intention of theft. The wagon still contained the gift you sent with Helrin. We recovered the gift and sent it to the Merchant Guild of Ur Draxa as you initially ordered. Trade Master Myric of Ur Draxa has offered his most sincere condolences to you. He has already started an investigation into the murders. Myric stated he will spare no expense to help Trinity find the culprits. That is all I have to report at this time my Lord. I can assure you, we will find out who did this, and justice will be swift."

Captain Melforn kneels before the King and then exits the Senate Chamber.

King Barrek:
"Something about this troubles me greatly. Perhaps it is old age, but I have trouble sleeping these nights. It is no secret that Trinity has fallen on hardships in the recent years. Drought has plagued our farmlands for the past three seasons. I thought, if we reached out to Ur Draxa, we might establish a new friendship. I thought, our people would benefit from a new trade route. But something has troubled me, it has troubled me since the day Helrin's caravan left. There is something.... something evil there, I cannot describe it. I feel it in my bones. I don't want Trinity to become engulfed in whatever evil lurks in Ur Draxa. Helrin's death only strengthens my stance on the matter. It is my wish, that we cease all plans to establish a trade route with Ur Draxa. I fear the tendrils of corruption run deep, and they will not touch Trinity. If anyone here has an objection, please say so now."

The Senate members mumble to themselves, then nod in agreement with the King.
King Barrek stands, and leaves the Senate Chamber.
End of Emergency Session


The King steps out into the night air. The hustle and bustle of the day has ceased, and the town square is calm and quiet under the pale moonlight. He looks up into the nights dark sky. A cresent moon, and countless stars fill his old eyes. "May the gods be with Trinity" he whispers to the ivory moon. The cold wind begins to rustle the leaves in the trees. He turns and beings to walk towards the Palace. As he walks, he notices the small merchant carts scattered around the square. One thing that strikes him to the core, is the simple reality of how empty they look. He continues down the cobblestone path to the gate of the Palace. The guard on duty jerks to attention as the Kings figure comes into view from the lamp light. He offers a quick salute to the King. "Open for the King!" bellows the guard. A mechanical whirring sound begins to hum behind the stone wall. The large metal gate begins to lift, chains and metal clanking together. When the gate rises to the top of the domed archway, the King begins to walk inside. As he walks, he hears a wolf howling in the distance. The eerie moan from the creatures lungs sends a chill down his spine. He looks up to the sky once again. The ivory moon begins to darken, slowly turning a blackish grey color as the white light around it fades away.

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Re: LLC 4.0

Post#5 » Mon Apr 09, 2018 9:37 pm

(Note left at Trinity Palace gate)

I am watching you.... oh yes, I am watching you. You best stay away from Ur Draxa.... It would be a pity to see the King of Trinity end up as Helrin did.... yes, that would be a pity indeed. I see you there through the window.... your old wrinkled face looking down at that sheet of paper. I am curious King, what is it that you are writing so late at night? A love letter? A secret diary? A poem to woo the ladies? You are old and weak King.... I could slip in that window right now and cut your throat and the guards wouldn't even find your wrinkled corpse until the morning. I know your deepest and darkest secrets.... Oh yes, I know each and every one of them personally. There is nothing you can hide from me King. I have seen inside your heart and it is full of pathetic weakness. In old age, you have grown to fear death.... as you should. Your dreams are filled with the visions of your own funeral ceremony. Your mind has focused on what Trinity will be like after the maggots have eaten through your eyes. After the rats have eaten away all the flesh, and began to gnaw at your bones. You can sleep sound tonight knowing that MY blade is sharpened and ready.... You best heed my word.... stay away from Ur Draxa.... Stay far.... far away....

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