CBRI: Monk with set

Ask for a build plan.
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CBRI: Monk with set

Post#1 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:18 am

Through dumb luck more than anything, the first set I have completed is the Monk set.

So, now I need a build that can use it.

Right now, I have a Dex based monk using unarmed/shuriken with 5 levels of Shadowdancer at ER3 and was looking at epic dodge and self concealment.....but I am having my doubts as to its viability (especially AB) at 40.

Only real restrictions is the 12 Monk levels to use the set and at this stage I can still convert to Wis and get to 38 so a caster option is possible.

Any suggestions out there?

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Re: CBRI: Monk with set

Post#2 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:12 am

Maybe Fighter, Epic focus/specialize , PWTF, TWD, kukri likely, could get large part of fight set to compliment, ring, weapons, belt, helm. That might give you two-sets dmg bonus etc. certainly better AB and would be great ac in robes.

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Re: CBRI: Monk with set

Post#3 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 7:08 am

My Monk set user is a Monk20/Cleric19/Shadowdancer1 with a longbow.

This build stacks the +4 from perfect self on top of divine power and other cleric buffs. It's pretty strong when buffed, but vulnerable to dispels and buffs running out.

Based on my own testing, pushing monk past 20 is pretty damaging for overall AB due to their Med BAB progression, and you will not hit very often at all. The additional damage from the set bonus isn't worth the AB loss.

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Re: CBRI: Monk with set

Post#4 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:38 pm

Thanks folks.

I figured that these would be the directions I would have to go. Will try them out with what I have and see how they go.

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