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New Forum User Registration

Post#1 » Sat Oct 06, 2012 11:59 am

Due to incessant spam bot and spam user registrations. Please follow the steps below:

1) Register your account - Please use the exact same login as the one you have to connect to Multiplayer. This will allow us to fix issues that may arise in the future much more efficiently. Thank you.

During Registration you will be asked one of 2 questions, provide the answer below:

    What is the name of the city that Realms of Trinity is based in? Trinity
    What D&D campaign setting is the Realms of Trinity based in? Forgotten Realms
2) You will receive a verification link in your email. Click that to activate your account!

3) Once staff reviews your account, you will receive a private message with a Gift Key. You may redeem that key in game for special gifts.

Note: Personal Messages (PMs) can only be sent after the new user has posted 10 times. This is in place due to spam issues.

Thanks and welcome aboard! HaaR!!!
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