Role Playing Rules in Societas Draconis

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Role Playing Rules in Societas Draconis

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The Following are the Rules on Role Playing within Societas Draconis.

§1. No Gear is allowed Transfered from another Character, unless they are within your particular Group.
Only Gear allowed is what you can Buy from the Shops available to your Character, or what your Group picks up on the way.

§2. No using the Donation Box at Trinity Town Center (TTC).
You may put stuff in the Box, but never take anything from it.

§3. No Banking.
Unless you want to deposit Gold for other non-RP Characters of yours.
This includes the use of Banked XP, Banked Wishshards and the use of the Bulletin Board for gaining "unearned gold".

§4. No Power Playing.
Describe what you want to try, and roll the necessary Dice.

§5. No Running.
Unless you're on your own, going for Loot, catching up to the Group, or in Battle.

§6. No going through to next Areas, before everyone has stated they are ready.

§7. No using the Return Stone or Area Map on the Eye Menu.
Only "Magic-Users" are supposed to be capable of Teleporting by Spell.

§8. No Resting, unless the need for the Rest is RP'ed, and the place where you do so is considered Safe.

§9. You must be in RP Mode at all times.

§10. Use Local Chat for Talking (unless a DM is involved).
Party Chat is considered OOC and may not be used for Meta-Gaming.
Use a Tell if you want to tell anybody where the Group is, incase someone gets lost.
By default everything you say will be considered In-Character, unless your sentence starts with a (( or //

Closed Groups:

§11. No moving one Character from one Group to another.
Groups are to be started out with fresh newly made Characters.
However, in case of a Groups dissolving the remainders can be merged, provided no problems by doing so (like Levels and Chapter progress should match up).

§12. Rules upon Death.
■ Character Dying in Battle
Resurrecting during combat is only allowed by a Divined Caster who has the appropiate Spell prepared.
After the Battle, only a Divined Caster may Raise the Dead. By any means necessary.

■ Party Wipe
The individual Player may select between:

___• "Semi-Spirit"
_____You will Trash all your Inventory, except what you wore at the time of Death.
_____You will Bank half of your Gold.

___• Permanent Death of the Character
_____You may Transfer the belongings to a new Character, but only if the New Character is to try
_____and make it back to the Group as a "substitue" (there by overriding §1 & §11).

Open Groups:

Neither §11 & §12 comply here.
You may not move a Character back and forth between Closed and Open Groups.

Generally Open Groups will act as "War Parties" for the lowest Quest avaiable.
People from outside "The Project" may join in here, but it is your responsebility to make sure your Character doesn't get contaminated.
Allthough the Group is Open, the Characters we play should still be individually "Closed"

Please add in the Comments below if you have any suggestions, or if something needs more explaining
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