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  • The O' Family Guild The 'pay it forward' Guild of RoT
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  • Ahala Guild The few, the proud! Ahala is a secretive group focused on fun, family, and Evil RP for those into that sort of thing.
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  • Societas Draconis An Independent RP Guild
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  • Sanctuary A Guild trying to get the most out of the game, and having fun!
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  • Arcane Society The Society is dedicated to promoting arcane studies and combat in defense of Trinity. If you play a mage, love mages, and want to share in the company of other mages, this if the place for you.
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  • The Nine Hells Club A gambling den and hangout for warlocks, devils, drunks, and degenerates.
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  • Honor Guard Guild Public Forum for the Honor Guard Guild
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  • Nox Vigilem The ethos of the guild is "Balance". The guild is open to all people, races, alignments, and Gods they worship etc. The guild is a secret society that only acts out on rare occasions. Those occasions are in a time when Balance is needed. They watch the realms, and when one faction becomes too powerful, the guild acts out in war and fights to restore Balance. The guild will fight good, neutral or evil alignments to keep this Balance.
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