Realms of Trinity - Credits

PW Concept & Feature Designers Brian S. Bloom
Charles P. Bowser
Douglas P. Bowser
Thomas "Big Head" Davies
Michael Obriant AKA Mortis Corpus
Ben Hayman
The Witch King, NWN2 Rise of Sauron
Lincoln Robinson AKA Alupinu
Scripting Brian S. Bloom
Zeus -Z-
Original Area Building Brian S. Bloom
Douglas P. Bowser
Ross G.
ROT Produced Custom Content Zeus -Z-
Z&K Studios
Brian S. Bloom
Documentation Brian S. Bloom
Community Content Credit Matt W. AKA Kaedrin, PrC
RWS Workshop
Charlie's Item Modifier
Charlies Appearance Changer
SGK Prefab Areas
Chaos Placeables Compilation
Snafe Composed Music
Kristopher Rhen (Composer/Music Production)
Zoe Keating(Composer/Music Production)
KEMO (Animations & Bio Editor)
Shockwolf, Creator of NWN2 Wulverheim
Dungeon Masters Active DM Page
Play Testers Michael L. Obriant
Paul Obriant
Web Site & Forum Brian S. Bloom
Michael L. Obriant
Very Special Thanks to Obsidian Entertainment, Bioware, and Atari for making Neverwinter Nights 2
what it is today and making this PW possible.
The original Neverwinter Nights Realms of Trinity PW designers.