Campaign I - The Dark War of Trinity

232 years after the goings on in the Neverwinter Nights 2 original campaign, 1604 DR, our story begins. On the Sembian coast lies a nation, named Trinity. It was founded by a group of adventurers that conquered a devil, named Cain, who was trying to enslave the entire region. The lead hero, Barrek II, became king. He shortly named his comrade and paladin of Torm, Brian Eberyln, General of the Trinity army. Barrek also had a dwarf that he commonly referred to as ZOD at his side. Not much was known about ZOD, other than he was a member of the royal family in Asyria, a newly founded dwarvern community near the Dalelands.

For over two years, Trinity and its new rulers governed over a time of great peace, however, that was soon to change. Wars begun to brew in Trinity's neighboring nations, and trouble soon returned to this once great city. The Trinity Cloak Tower, a tower dedicated to the sages of Trinity has gone quiet and a darkness has fallen over the land. A call has gone out for heroes and adventurers to bolster the now ailing city. Are you ready for the challenge of your lifetime? Great reward or a deadly fate are ahead of you.

Content Outline:

  • Chapter 1: The Dark War of Trinity
  • Chapter 2: Asyria
  • Chapter 3: The Seige of Trinity
  • Chapter 4: Iron Claw, Fortress of the Past
  • Chapter 5: The Refuge of the Nine Hells
  • Chapter 6: The Temple of Vera
  • Chapter 7: The Champions of Torm
  • Chapter 8: The Bronze Citadel
  • Chapter 9: The Trail of Tyranny
  • Chapter 10: Desperations of the Damned

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