ROT Anthology Campaign II - Weapons of War

Neverwinter Nights 2 - Realms of Trinity, Weapons of War

During your stay in Suzail in the nation Cormyr, you have been enlisted to assist a Cormyrean Noble to search for and obtain a weapon of unimaginable power. It is believed that the Zhentarium have returned to Darkhold and that they are still in possession of this out worldly artifact. This adventure can be started by speaking to the noble in the Suzail senate. You must have progressed to at least to the Realms of Trinity II Campaign and have started the 8th chapter.

Content Outline:

  • Chapter 1: Terror in the Hills
  • Chapter 2: The Subterranian Route
  • Chapter 3: The Frozen Ascent
  • Chapter 4: The Path of Terror
  • Chapter 5: The Luskan Threat
  • Chapter 6: The Raged River

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