Neverwinter Nights 2 (NWN2) Persistent world set in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting.

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As some of you might know, we're all putting hours after hours of effort into this server. We have been at it for over half a decade now, and you know what? All we're asking for is more players. The best way that you guys can help the server out is promote us through the various sites that we've laced our names into. Like us, share us, endorse us, vote for us... And you will have done more than what a donation could do to help us.

For those that want to go an extra step, it would be great to have people drop a line in the comments sections or forum threads that we’ve started. The longer that a thread remains alive the more visible it will remain. Not to mention that the credibility will grow as more people post their experiences of the server.

Thank you very much and see you in game! -Aghost

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Player Testimonials ( Latest IGN Vault Comments )

GFNAvenger voted 9 of 10 on 4/23/2014: RoT is what all PWs aspire to be.. or at least should. It's a massive world (370+ areas) and has bug fixes for effectively EVERY class. Warlocks have never been so gracious!

qbranchxvi voted 10 of 10 on 4/17/2014: A great PW with an engrossing story and plenty of rich features to enhance your playing experience. Would recommend to anyone.

clone61279 voted 10 of 10 on 4/12/2014: This PW is by far the best I've ever encountered. The Developers, DM's, staff, players, all make this project fun, fullfilling, and downright amazing. The community is helpful, love to RP, and are courteous. Check it out, because you're missing out on a great experience.

maltardir voted 10 of 10 on 2/28/2014: A warm community and deep PW mod. Defiantly worth trying.

fayln voted 10 of 10 on 2/20/2014: Best server on nwn2!

adamusa voted 8 of 10 on 2/17/2014: Love this server. Friendly DM's, a great storyline, and some very challenging quests.

thatgibbin voted 9 of 10 on 2/14/2014: A truly excellent story driven campaign setting for new and experience Neverwinter Nights 2 players! I'd recommend it to anyone!

Calamitus voted 9 of 10 on 1/19/2014: Great PW! Friendly people and RP opportunities abound.

Phluffhead voted 10 of 10 on 1/15/2014: Far and away the best PW out there. What are you waiting for?!

Nivar2009 voted 9 of 10 on 1/14/2014: Love Realms of Trinity I have been coming back for years to visit all the new content they keep adding their energy and drive to constantly improve their server is impressive. voted 10 of 10 on 12/28/2013: Absolutely love the server. Huge areas to explore. fantastic stuff!

Havok1974 voted 10 of 10 on 12/14/2013: Awesome....just awesome......

GhostDrake voted 10 of 10 on 12/13/2013: I just started playing on this server a few hours ago when my friends asked me to play on it, so far its been a blast doing the story and exploring the areas. 

Salnex voted 10 of 10 on 12/8/2013: A brilliant server which deserves even more then the ample praise it recieves

Syrophir voted 10 of 10 on 12/4/2013: I have been on and off NWN2 every once in a while, but when I launch the game I tend to end up checking how things are going in RoT. So much love and care has been shown to this PW by the developers, that despite some issues people have with NWN2 are almost forgotten when you set foot on the Realms of Trinity. ^^

Garasou voted 10 of 10 on 12/1/2013: A few days ago I had the sudden urge to start playing NWN2 again. So while I waited for the game to finish downloading I decided to read some threads about in the steam and forums.

Vince voted 10 of 10 on 11/29/2013: A server that brings epic to the NWN2 gaming community. Just when you think you have found the ultimate, ROT cranks it up another gear and suddenly you got to start working for your cookies again. A brilliantly realised campaign(s), with friendly players and none of the disputes and angst that seem to marr other "places" I have been, fist pump for ROT!

KatThePoet voted 9.75 of 10 on 7/31/2013: Been playing for a short while, everything but the dialogue is amazing!

AGhost_Seven voted 10 of 10 on 7/30/2013: Innovative, open-minded development, great community, huge and challenging content. I just keep coming back!

Valariax voted 10 of 10 on 5/27/2013: I lose too many sleep hours in Realms of Trinity! Being able to choose between low-magic and high-magic campaigns allows me to play according to my mood at the time, and the epic releveling means you don't have to "retire" a favorite character at level 30. RoT is a truly marvelous persistent world - it gets my highest recommendation!

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