Building a Strong Barbarian

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Building a Strong Barbarian

Post#1 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:17 am

So my friend and I have been working on this build for awhile. It was his idea and most of the leg work was his. Now I just want a little input and help with AC+AB calcs and to know if this character is going to be strong enough? Thanks for the help!

I came up with 101 AC w/ Epic dodge and 50% Self Concealment
10(Base)+4(Tumble)+1(small)+4(Slippery Defense)+1(Dodge)+3(Armor Skin1-3)+16(Dex)+12(Armor)+12(Dodge Boots)+12(Natural)+12(Deflection)+14(Heavy Shield)=101+5(Rage)=106

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Re: Building a Strong Barbarian

Post#2 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:03 pm

I'm Also on the Fence aabout the race Deep Gnome +4ac or Yaun-Ti and using double weps.

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Re: Building a Strong Barbarian

Post#3 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:03 pm

Armor skin II and III are +2 AC each, so add 2 AC to your calculations. Noticed Armor Skin II and III are not in your build though. Also passive haste adds +1 more.

You can also take Luck of Heroes as a 1st level feat for 1 more AC.

Build has moderate AC and good HP, but good avoid/conceal to make it hard to hit.

Would recommend getting fighter 12 before barbarian 21, as you can then take both Greater/Epic Weapon Specialization and Melee Weapon Mastery. Also, drop base Str to 14 and raise base Dex to 18 to save 2 points in point buy - get 2 free Int or Con by level 40.

Main issue is damage output is going to be kind of low with a Sword/Board combo - could consider dropping SD and epic dodge for Champion of the Wild to add Dex mod to damage (+16 damage) with every hit. This would also improve AC from COTW passive. Could also consider Scimitar instead of Longsword for better crit range.

Something like this? - Heavy/Med Armor Specialization are stand-ins for Armor Skin II and III. Lost KD, expose weakness and epic dodge, but gained Epic Weapon Specialization, Elegant Strike and Extend Rage. Gained 2 BAB as well. Put in the missing armor skin feats and took Luck of Heroes at 1st level.

AB should be in the mid-80s with G. Heroism, which is decent.

Doubleweapons with a Str + Dex build is possible, but damage is significantly outclassed by a Str + Cha build with Epic Divine Might (possible with a certain crookweave necklace that gives Perfect TWF and monkey grip). Probably better to build a doubleweapon character once you have that necklace.

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