Attempt at a melee build as a new player

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Attempt at a melee build as a new player

Post#1 » Tue Feb 14, 2017 5:29 pm

Hey everyone. I just picked up this server with my friend less then a week ago with only very small playtime on it years ago. We have been trying to learn as much as we can about how to plan and build for the future but its a lot to take in. I've been working on this build for a few days now that gives me what i feel is an overall solid amount of defensive perks while having hopefully reasonable melee dmg. Please let me know if you think something like this in the end grand scheme is a viable end game build to work towards.

Divine Weapon Master

I'll explain a few things about what I aimed for in the build and what the goal was to achieve at lvl 40.

The premise with the cleric levels is to use cleric's divine power to ensure i am a capable melee, while gaining all 9 levels of cleric buffs and heals as well as allowing some persist buffs. CL 17 allows for at least 34 round extended buffs if its not persist-able. I take air for uncanny dodge because i feel that is an important feat, and i take plant for the goal of very large barkskin that trumps worn gear due to the epic re level bonus on this server. I really wanted to take strength domain instead of plant here for the ability to persist divine power but i'm unsure if that would be worth losing some ac from barkskin and also a large reason i took quicken among a few other buffs. this unfortunately gets locked in at lvl 1 forever on the character if i understand correctly so i could use feed back on this. The follow up perk of adding the cleric is to eventually enable epic divine might for some added dmg profile that scales great with weaponmaster rapier.

The follow up classes are all there because i feel they play nicely off what the 2 main goals are. The champion of the wild and the weaponmaster allow me to be dex based, still gain str dmg from items while having better ac then a str based character and have nice flat dmg being added along side the cleric buffs and edm to be multiplied by the weaponmasters crit profile. The whirling dervish feeds into the weaponmaster feat wise, while giving an ab, skill focus's, and the 2 big ones improved evasion and defensive roll. With this class not only does it push me towards weaponmaster, because i am dex based i am able to utilize defensive roll for epic dodge and have the dex for self concealment. I feel this is where i round out defensively and hopefully can be ok with no monk levels.

Thanks for taking the time to check my build out and hopefully give some feed back. I haven't done builds in nwn2 for a long time and I easily could be doing something inefficiently.

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Re: Attempt at a melee build as a new player

Post#2 » Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:00 am

Hi there!

Took a look at the build and have a few comments:

First some general comments:
1) There are several ROT specific feats that unfortunately do not show up on the nwn2db builder. The ones that would specifically interest you would be: Quake Shock, Sweeping Strikes and Armor Skin II and III. You can check the details in the content library link from the main page under Feats.

2) Many cleric spell buffs scale significantly with caster level on ROT. Specifically, check out bless, divine favor, barkskin and shield of faith. A CL of 21 is not able to take advantage of this enhanced scaling.

3) As this is your first character, I would recommend designing for a level 30 build instead of 40. Level 10-30 is 0.5M XP, then it's a long road to ER1-4 (500k-1.5M XP per ER), and another long run from 31-40 (1M XP per level). Just keep the level 1 in mind as re-leveling to your desired build is fairly easy on this server.

4) Check out the /mspells macro (search on forum for details) - it's really helpful for a memorized caster.

Some build specifics:
1) I think cleric is a good choice for a first timer due to the immunities/resistances conferred. I think a CL of 30-40 is more optimal than 21 though, owing to the spell scaling issues mentioned earlier.

2) Weaponmaster may not be a good choice for the following reasons: 1) A lot of weapon bonus damage in ROT is dice damage and not flat damage. This is not multiplied by crits. 2) A significant number of enemies are just flat out crit immune.

3) I would recommend maxing out dex (38 dex) as it affects AB, AC and damage. Maybe consider dropping Cha and EDM entirely and pump strength instead so you can get quake shock. High strength in ROT also offers additional bonus damage.

Perhaps a build like 31 cleric/2 CoTW/5SD/2WD? Cleric domains: (Plant + Time or War with a Rapier diety), and first level feat is luck of heroes. You qualify for epic dodge and self conceal and can also HiPS for good measure. SD also grants uncanny dodge. Max Dex and then pump Str

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Re: Attempt at a melee build as a new player

Post#3 » Wed Feb 15, 2017 11:56 am

KC's one of Trinity's best builders so I doubt there's much I can add.

However wanted to echo what he said about caster level, probably best to keep this high due to better buffs at higher CL.

You cannot persist divine power, there's an engine limitation to that even if it's a third level spell for you. Also divine favour does not use practiced caster.

You can get +12 natural ac on items - bear in mind for barkskin and CL.

Personally I'd go STR & CHR but then I'd go FS rather than cleric :D

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Re: Attempt at a melee build as a new player

Post#4 » Wed Feb 15, 2017 5:57 pm

Thanks for the feedback!
So taking to heart what was said about taking more advantage of cleric caster level scaling of buffs and the falloff of weaponmaster effectiveness i started experimenting with some various options. I decided in order to utilize the armor skins and quake shock/sweeping strikes that it was probably best to drop self conceal and rely on others/umd for this buff. I chose to do the 8 whirling dervish version instead of 2 whirling dervish 5 shadow dancer mostly due to gaining 1 more ab bonus and spring attack/whirlwind. I dropped persist because with extend and 34 cl of cleric, that should be long enough buffs. I read somewhere else that expose weakness is a valuable feat here if maxed dex, is this true? with the opened up feats not taking self conceal i took epic prowess for another ab and expose weakness but this could also be another str feat and i could take 1 less dex at character creation to give myself 2 more int and 2 more con for more skills and 40 more hps along with 1 more feat or still keep epic prowess.

Also how much of a improvement is improved whirlwind? with high end mobs being so high ac that you miss most of the later half of your attacks i would think whirlwind at your highest ab with quake shocks and sweeping strikes could be a nice aoe killing rotation but not sure if the increased aoe range is worth the feat. It's also an option to drop epic prowess/expose weakness/improved whirlwind and take toughness/epic toughness/epic resilience for 70 more health and remove auto fails. I could move the whirling dervish down as well a little and get the umd higher due to no able learner but im to lazy to redo that this moment, the general jist of the build is in place. Would appreciate to hear what you think about this newer variation. ALSO NOTE Cleave is sweeping strikes, great cleave is quake shock.

Whirling Cleric

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Re: Attempt at a melee build as a new player

Post#5 » Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:51 am

[quote="Nefium"]probably best to drop self conceal and rely on others/umd for this buff.[/quote

without going full Assassin or Avanger for replacement i am not sure if dropping SelfConceal is a good Idea, because most other sources would be spells or spell like effects with fairly short duration but mor important than that at the higher level are many creature spamming Mordenkin's disjunktion to strip you of your buffs and have vs not have 50% conceal helps a lot to survive.

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Re: Attempt at a melee build as a new player

Post#6 » Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:01 am

How about something like this? Armor Optimizations are Armor Skin II and III. Took COTW to 4 for the extra AC/feat and Cleric at 29 yields 33 CL (Not much is gained between 33 and 36 CL)

Whirlwind/Improved whirlwind aren't very good at high levels. High level mobs are basically high HP damage sponges rather than being high AC tanks. They typically have mid 70s AC while your AB will be in the lower-mid 90s, meaning you'd typically land 4+ attacks per round. Using up a full attack round to hit each surrounding enemy once with whirlwind is usually not worth it. Would skip that.

Spring attack is also utterly useless as you will automatically succeed with tumble checks - it's only use is as a pre-req for weaponmaster.

The plant domain is great if you have 30+ cleric caster levels, as the Barkskin spell translates to +3 AC end game - I took Shadowdancer to cover the missing uncanny dodge, and you can now also do HIPS shadowdancing mid melee with this build.

Adjusted starting stats a bit - you'd need a +12 wis item to cast properly (Look to trade for a +12 Wis girdle of Kleros or a Tormite belt)

I dropped the great strength, quake shock and sweeping strikes feats to trade for Steadfast (don't autofail and die on a 1 fort roll) and Selfconceal V. Also traded quicken (won't use much) for Persistent spell (Divine favor duration is fixed at only 10 rounds otherwise, Weapon of Energy is another good persistable spell, as is Prayer.)

Do note that quite a few of the feats can be found on gear (specifically - Practiced Caster, Extend Spell, Persistent Spell). If you do find gear with those feats, you can replace them with: Holy Warrior (+4 damage), Expert Tactician (+1 hit) and Sweeping Strikes (Extra attack).

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