Grim Reapers Unfair events and what to expect.

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Grim Reapers Unfair events and what to expect.

Post#1 » Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:36 am

This is a post to outline what to expect from my Grim Reaper Unfair events and what I expect from my players. Unless otherwise specified all events will be of the Unfair variety.

You can expect:
Challenging events where team play and a fair amount of tactics will be required to succeed. Rewards will be xp, gold, dm award items and usually 1 drop item per participant so as not to saturate the market with drop items. Sometimes shards will also be given.
Expect me to be unfair and use all tools at my disposal, including but not limited to:
Adding extra spawns, spawning while you rest, teleporting a player away, dispelling, having hard ambushes set up at zone lines, targeting a support character such as a healer, force resting you while in combat, using barricades, turning off the ability to self ressurrect, and spawning unfair creatures (such as a jaguar which automatically one-shots the character hit).

My expectations and survival tips:

1) Bring a good toon if possible (well built and geared). If you don´t have such you are still welcome but expect your contribution (and likely enjoyment of the event) to be lesser.
2) It will be wise to have good coordination either through discord or electing a leader to call the shots.
3) Stick together as much as possible and especially when zoning.
4) Don´t rush ahead and use luring tactics when possible.
5) Use group buffs but have the essentials covered on your own. By use of a Pandora stone for instance.
6) Rez dead teammates swiftly by greater rez rod or the shard feat especially if self rez is disabled.
7) Expect the difficulty to be high from the get go rather than increase during the event.

You are welcome to give feedback on my events and my goal is to make events that are fun for all albeit with a high difficulty. I will make mistakes but promise to try and learn from them and improve over time for the enjoyment of all.
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Re: Grim Reapers Unfair events and what to expect.

Post#2 » Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:38 am

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Re: Grim Reapers Unfair events and what to expect.

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