Neverwinter Nights 2 (NWN2) Persistent world set in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting.

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Neverwinter Nights 2 - RoT Active Staff Members

Dungeon Masters are the glue that holds a persistent world, such as the Realms of Trinity, together and is the reason why this server has nothing but some of the best and most experienced DM's in the NWN2 community. Below is a list of the DM's and a short profile of each of them.

Brian S. Bloom / bsb5652 - Executive Producer, Game Creator

Brian has played Dungeons & Dragons for over 20 years since the TSR "Gold Box Games" days. He has played Neverwinter Nights since 2004, and is the lead area builder, scripter, and game creator for the Realms of Trinity. He is extremely versed with the NWN2 Toolset and the mutiplayer experience.

Michael L. O’Briant – Mortis Corpus / An Angel aka Besh - Head DM

Michael has been playing online MMO’s since around 1997 when Ultima Online was released. He has a vast player experience in online gaming and has beta tested many games ranging from Ultima Online, Asheron’s Call, AC 2, EverQuest, EQ2, Aion, to RoT. He is interested in player advocacy, continued support in role-play, a family environment, and a good time.

Brumm - DM, Developer

The first contact I have ever had with D&D was with Baldurs Gate 1. I really enjoyed the game even if I had no idea what stays behind it. Same was valid for BG 2, Icewinddale I and II, NWN and finally NWN2. I played all the games patiently but it was only after Realms of Trinity that I started to learn more about D&D. Since that point I spent endless time here with playing, hosting events, and develop new stuff with the toolset. In real life I am a jurist and working in a law firm at the moment.

Mark Shook aka MadMage999 - DM, Developer, Lead Tester

Madmage999 has been playing CRPGs since around 1984 and PnP since 1st edition, some of his favorite experiences were with the Ultima series and the SSI games especially Curse of the Azure Bonds. He played table top mostly in the Greyhawk setting, and Computer D&D almost exclusively in the Forgotten Realms. He enjoys reading the Forgotten Realms novels which are mostly out of print now, His favorite is Elminster: Making of a Mage.

Adam - DM

Adam has been a fan of RPG's since the early 80's. Mostly PnP Dungeons & Dragons (early 80's Basic through 3.5)and Warhammer (40k is for star trek fans), he also had an RP stint with a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP group in Westerville, Ohio. Finding NWN2 was a dream come true, and ROT just poured gasoline on the fire. Adam is also a full time musician, father, husband, and collects Yoda action figures.

Fan L. / Fan, Developer

I have been playing NWN2 and RoT for years. I enjoy D&D 3.5 more than the later versions of D&D for its immense flexibility. RoT is the first and only PW I play for NWN2. In game, I am a power-builder type player and I try different builds within the rule for fun and profits. I don’t mind occasional light RP too. In real life, I am a computer science PhD and a hacker whose job is to analyze, protect, and sometimes break various software systems.

Matt aka Kaedrin - Keadrin PRC & Developer

Bio coming soon...

Vince Armella/Baelnorn - DM

Vince has been DMing pen and paper for 16 years, and is an avid computer gamer. He enjoys the fluffy side of DMing, and loves developing stories far more than maximizing numbers and development/coding (which he is trying to learn...slowly.) When he isn't conjuring up tales of daring-do for his players, he teaches geoscience and environmental science.

Oberu / Old Man Jeeknins - DM

...Is one of our "less experienced" staff. He has played games for years from PnP D&D, eons ago before the internet, to Neverwinter which has honored us with tributes to our own realm. He enjoys the smaller encounters with players, usually no more than a single player or two, though he does enjoy an event on occasion. He loves light hearted RP.

Stormbringer (Necrosphere) - DM

Based in Australia, DM Stormbringer (aka Necrosphere) has been gaming since the tender age of 11. Starting with the 'Red Box' D&D, and quickly pursuing the 1st Ed AD&D, he has played Pen and Paper game variants weekly since then (1986!) He began online gaming with NWN1, and has DM'ed on several NWN1 and NWN2 servers, and enjoys number crunching when building characters ;) He has played all game variants from Warhammer FRP and 40K to Vampire;The Masquerade, Shadowrun, Mutant Chronicles, Starwars.... The list goes on and on.

He enjoys running fairly strict RP based events, but is flexible enough to cater to all playing styles!

Inactive / Past DMs

Douglas P. Bowser / _OUTLAW_RIDER_ - Head DM

Doug has played Dungeons & Dragons for over 20 years, and has 15+ years running and participating in table top campaigns. He has played Neverwinter Nights since it's inception, and is very versed with the online enviornment and its subtleties.

Jonathan B. / AGhost7, Senior Developer

FalconTamer - DM, Developer

Falcon has been playing D&D based games since the early '90s, both as player, contributor and DM. Prior to RoT, he contributed heavily to the SoulForge4 NWN2 server, producing well over one hundred areas for that world. As a DM, Falcon's style is lighthearted and devious and will engage small parties who are involved in RP.

Simon / Simonalock - DM

Simon has been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 1980 and still has his copy of the Keep on the Borderlands. Starting at high school in 1982, Simon has been a Dungeon Master and Game Master, playing many role playing games like DnD, Runequest, Paranoia and has played through all of the various computer DnD games. His wishes came true with the release of NWN1 and he ran and built his own server until an unfortunate virus attack (teenage son) caused the death of that machine and all its backups. Simon has played NWN2 for the last 3 years and thoroughly enjoys following groups around and making their adventure just a little more “interesting”.

Paul D. / Valariax - Part-Time RP DM

Paul started playing AD&D 1st Ed. in 1980, and assumed the DM mantle a few months later. He played continuously through 2nd Ed., skipped 3e, but resumed with 3.5e. He has run most of the classic AD&D modules several times through and developed many of his own adventures. He played his first computer-based fantasy game in 1981 - it was a gridded text-based game with a hobbit adventurer developed as a school project by a computer programming student at the local community college (a primative and blatant ripoff of both JRR Tolkien's "The Hobbit" and Infocom's ZORK games). He has played NWN2 since 2008. Valariax is one of Paul's earliest D&D characters (circa 1981) and has been reincarnated through every version of D&D he has played. Valariax was born of inspiration from Frank Frazetta's 1973 "Death Dealer" painting, which Paul first saw on the southern rock band Molly Hatchet's 1978 album cover.

Zorteper / Zorquan - RP DM

Zorquan has played Table Top D&D since 1986, and one of the games from back then is still on-going. He's been very involved with Ultima Online and the RunUO Server, until he turned his attention to NWN2 as a Player. He makes his daily living from building Web Applications in C#, the .NET Framework and SQL, and some considers him an expert at that. Two things Zorquan lives by is that, one can never know enough about anything, and it's the Jouney rather than the Goal that matters.

Billy Kim - Part Time DM

I started playing PnP D&D in 1978. I had fun playing as both a player and a DM. The 1st computer D&D game I played was the SSI pool of Radiance in 1988. The computer D&D game I liked the best before NWN2 was The Temple of Elemental Evil in 2003. I started playing NWN2 in 2006, and found Realms of Trinity back in 2010.

Ben H. / Aroen Teneklyth - Part Time DM

Aroen has been playing almost every type of video games most of his life (for better or worse). Shortly after discovering NWN2, Aroen found RoT and has never left since. He plans to always help all adventures of RoT as good of an experience as possible.

Zeus / -Z- Scripter, DM 

Zeus has been playing video games for over 20 years, since the early - mid 80's. He has been creating custom content for games since the first Diablo and has a good amount of experience with Neverwinter Nights and its toolset. He considers himself a "jack-of-all-trades" and can do most things from 3D modeling to scripting. Zeus enjoys roleplaying, but also enjoys the hack and slash aspects of the game. He is not one for looking down on a person who favors one over the other. He aims to help create an environment which is fun, fair and safe for everyone.

Aaron P. / ghuru_x86 - DM 

I have been playing rpg's in one form or another for the last 20 years. It all started with Final Fantasy followed by Wizardry and Pool of Radiance on the NES. My first pen & paper D&D experiences were some 15-20 years ago playing AD&D 2nd edition. I also ran a short lived Ravenloft campaign during the AD&D era. I am fairly well versed in the nwn2 toolset and scripting as well. I enjoy hack & slash as well as role play and look forward to entertaining players with random non-scripted interaction and miniature quest events.

Keith M. / -_Kama_- - Modeler, Player Content Manager, DM

Kama has been playing D&D for over 20 years, since the early 80's. And a long time PnP fan and regular DM of first and second edition. Having played NWN1 almost from the start, and has run the gambit of DM'ing, Builder, and custom content creation. Rather recent to nwn2 in the last year, but ready to get back up on the horse and ride again. Likes to encourage RP, though happy to just see all types of players enjoy the game for what it is. Note from Kama: Remember, RPG can mean Role Playing Game as well as Really Proficient Grinder... *evil grin* So you Hack-n-Slashers get out your thinking caps, and you diehard RP'rs better clean the rust off your swords...

The Rogued Rogue - DM 

I sat down at my first tabletop ADnD game in 1982 and was immediately hooked. I have GM'd and played a myriad of ADnD, MERP and WoD tabletop and live actions games since then. I have played the PC versions of the DnD games (SSI, Bioware, Black Isle) and have happily grown up with them. I would love to give back to the game that I grew up with, and to the people who love the game like I do.

Charlie aka Xix - DM

Charlie has played and run Dungeons & Dragons games since the game box looked like this:
He has also tried his hand at the original Gamma World and Metamorphosis Alpha, and has a few issues of "The Dragon" magazine with issue numbers in the teens. His favorite RPG is Chaosium's Stormbringer, and he has done a little consulting work for that game line and company. He prefers peculiar characters to powerful ones, and particularly enjoys characters that have a shtick. He is trying to get a handle on his Brobdingnagian vocabulary and sentence length. He utterly despises acronyms and abbreviations on first reference. When he is not gaming or preparing for a game, he makes fireworks, helps with the local civic association (they don't know about the fireworks!), builds Hot Wheels tracks and catapults with the 10-year-old who lives next door, and tries to persuade his otherwise very open-minded wife Amanda to let him get another completely wretched sports car (since he finally parted with his third Porsche 914).

Brandon Wood / Seipherwood - DM

Been playing computer games for 14-16 years, console games since longer. Huge MMO player usually. Got NWN 2 the day it came out and eventually found Realms of Trinity. Played tons of Trinity in NWN 1 and Neversummer. Played D&D and AD&D for about 12-14 years, started in 2.0 Ruleset and played 3.0 and 3.5, have yet to play any 4.0 or whatever its up to now.

Jastin / wazmaster - DM

Jastin has been playing D&D and other RP games for over 20 years, in both tabletop and video game formats. He has played many online games but spent the most time on Ultima Online. He played NWN2 for a bit before finding ROT (July 2009) and has been hooked since then. He wants to do what he can to help make this great server even better and will see you in Trinity.

Dual Katanas - DM

Though relatively new to NWN2 and D&D in general, I've been RPing since I was old enough to pound a keyboard and I'll probably still be RPing long after keyboards become obsolete. I found my way to NWN2 sometime in early 2013 and immersed myself in the D&D lore, finding my way to RoT soon after and immediately plunging in headfirst. I've been hopelessly addicted ever since.
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